How to Ease Stress and Reduce Anxiety While Living in New York


Stress and anxiety are something that affects millions of people every day. Adding big city living with a ton of unique and blanket triggers, and that anxiety can grow rampant over time. 

Rather than letting those fears eat you up, it may be time to consider some coping mechanisms that work for your unique needs. Below is a round-up of ways to ease stress and reduce your anxiety – even if you do live in New York. 

1. Block Out the Noise

There’s a reason everyone in New York City is wearing their headphones when out and about – and it’s not just to look cool. Oftentimes, headphones are worn as a way to tune the world out. 

That means limiting noises while also warding off unwanted conversations in many cases. So if your New York stress is coming from things like noise and overstimulation, try quite literally tuning it all out. 

Don’t forget to adopt the same tools in your household. Noise machines and doors and windows that close completely can go a long way. You might be able to have maintenance address any gaps that are causing excessive noise or weather in the home. 

2. Strike a Work-Life Balance

One of the greatest stressors, especially for young people trying to make something of themself, is determining a work-life balance. If you’re struggling, this should be a top priority. 

If you’re a work-driven person, that doesn’t mean you need to completely turn your back on it, but rather find a middle ground that gives you room to breathe. Constantly thinking about work can only induce more stress. 

Your body needs time to rest and relax in addition to your work, so be sure to find a balance that works for you. 

3. Schedule Trips Away

Sometimes, what you need more than learning how to adapt further to New York is to simply get away. 

If you can, try scheduling semi-frequent excursions to quieter places that allow you to rebalance yourself away from the hustle and bustle of it all. 

Luckily, there are plenty of options right in New York State, but if you need to, there are options in neighboring states. 

A weekend trip up to New England may be just the break you need to clear your mind – or maybe it’s down south. The possibilities are endless! 

If you can’t quite get away physically, you might consider taking a mental break. Luckily, New York permits using marijuana. If you’re looking to get your medical marijuana card or need the next steps, visit here

4. Practice Healthy Living

Just like you would lead a healthy life in order to reduce overall stress, it is particularly important in the city. With more risk factors, poorer air quality, and other triggers, healthy living is crucial. 

Try to eat balanced, well-rounded meals. Include nutrients and minerals that are essential to your well-being and stay hydrated. From there, add movement that makes you happy. There is no pressure to go to the gym for hours despite what you might’ve heard. 

Sign up for your new favorite yoga class, or simply throw on some good music and dance for a few songs. Not only can the movement physically help you feel better, but the emotional and mental impact is profound. With the release of numerous feel-good hormones, you’ll be well on your way to feeling better all around. 

5. Consider Addressing Your Fears

If your anxiety is borne from a real fear, do your best to address those problems at the root. For example, if you’re scared of being the victim of crime, utilize tools in your home and on your person. 

That might mean adding a security camera to your home if permitted. It can also mean investing in a safety key ring that comes equipped with everything you could need to stay safe. 

Sometimes, leaning into those feelings of uneasiness can highlight very real problems underneath. When you understand those problems, you can properly address them. 


Feeling stress or experiencing anxiety, especially in a big city, is completely normal. As more people share their struggles, there are more suggestions for management than ever before. 

Whether it be leading a healthy lifestyle or finding a specific solution to your unique feelings, it is possible to combat those negative feelings – even when living in New York. 

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