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How to download videos from Facebook

Facebook is the sixth most visited website in the world, and the biggest social networking website. People of all genders and ages use Facebook on a daily basis. It is primarily used for staying connected with friends and family, but there’s a lot more you can do on the platform. You can find all sorts of content on Facebook, whether it be hilarious memes, the latest news in your community, or celebrity gossip. One of the main content types that Facebook is famous for is videos. It’s estimated that there are more than 4 billions video views and 100 million hours of videos being viewed every day on Facebook. Lots of users think that Facebook videos can only be viewed and enjoyed directly on the app for the website, but that isn’t the case. Facebook videos can be downloaded so that you can watch them for later when you’re not connected to the internet.

A question that is frequently asked is whether a video file downloaded from Facebook is the same quality as that which is visible when viewing it on the app or website. Unfortunately, most online video downloaders only allow you to download Facebook videos in standard quality and high-quality formats. While you might think this is good, the available high-quality format is only 720p, while some of the videos displayed on Facebook are 1080p and even 4k. There are some exceptions, as some options exist for downloading high-quality videos, which we will discuss later on.

Is the process difficult?

Another common question is how complicated it is to download videos off Facebook. The process of downloading videos off Facebook has gotten a lot easier over the years. Every week new tools are being released to help users download video content off Facebook. The process does vary between the different tools but ultimately is very straightforward. The download time will come down to two factors. The first being how fast your internet connection is, and secondly, how long the video is as longer videos will take longer to download since they will be a lot larger in size.

What Facebook downloader do you suggest?

There are a plethora of Facebook video downloaders available on the internet; however, we can recommend a few specific ones.

1. FBDownloader

FBDownloader is one of the more popular Facebook video downloads on the internet. The website says that it was designed out of the need for a high-quality tool to download Facebook videos. Upon opening the website, you are greeted with a very clean and easy to use interface which includes a step by step instruction on how it works. Head over to Facebook and find the video that you want to download. Copy the video URL and paste it into the box on the FBDownloader website’s homepage and hit “GO.” The page will reload with options to download the video in high-quality and stand-quality. There’s also an option for saving just the audio from the file.

If the video you want to download is private, then you’re in luck. FBDownloader also has a private video downloader, which works great when you’re in a private group.

2. FBOffline

FBOffline is another web-based Facebook video downloader that is lesser-known. What’s unique about this website is that it gives you options to download videos in more than just standard and HQ formats. You have options to download videos in 4K video quality. The only issue here is that it’s video only files without audio. This website works similarly to FBDownlaoder and just requires you to paste a Facebook video link into the field on the homepage. This website also features a language selection dropdown, a nice touch for people who don’t speak English.

The two options listed above are our favorite, mostly because of how quickly they work and how user friendly they are.

Am I able to download anything?

If you’re able to view a Facebook video on your mobile phone or computer, then chances are you are able to download it. It’s just a matter of knowing if a video is private or publicly accessible. The Facebook downloaders listed above work primarily on public videos, but for private videos, you need to use a private video downloader. Keep in mind that when downloading some Facebook videos and reusing them could be a breach of copyright, so you would want to look into this before repurposing them.

Should I worry about viruses?

When downloading videos from the web-based options above, you do not need to worry about getting a virus. Some web-based downloaders do have advertisements that sometimes open in a new tab in your browser. These are not viruses, but they could try to lure you into downloading software on your computer or smartphone. It’s recommended that when a pop-up appears that you close it and continue using the web tool. These websites rely on this type of advertisement to stay alive. If you find them super annoying, you could use a browser plugin like adblock to stop them from appearing.

This sums up our tutorial on downloading Facebook videos. If you have any suggestions or recommendations, please let us know in the comments.

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