How to Delete a Google Review in 5 Easy Steps?

Reviews have become an important part of the business or branding these days. With internet connectivity widely reached to over 70% of the global population, anyone can go onto the website or browse through the listings. This can help a brand to escalate quickly if they can market themselves nicely. People can put up positive reviews to help push the brand. In the meantime, people can also put negative reviews and these can often create a detrimental effect on business.

Since business and brands can be easily viewable via Google, people often seek to go through the reviews to find whether the brand gives a good service or product. In such times, negative reviews can often cause people to back off ultimately affecting the brand reputation and sales. But there are ways to resolve it. We here take a look at the various ways you can remove the google review and highlight 5 key steps to do it easily. Let’s check out: 

Do you need to delete a Google Review? 

Since the internet is widely available to everyone around, you cannot stop people from posting negative reviews or spam reviews, or any malicious reviews. But does that mean your business should suffer just because of some fake reviewers or spam? No, not at all. In such cases, you can consider your position and delete such reviews. Don’t panic with such reviews but be calm and get to the root of the issue. 

Here’s a step by step process for handling such negative reviews:

  • Request the Customer to Edit the Review
  • There might be instances when customers may not be satisfied with your product and posted negative reviews. In such cases, you can simply look to change their mind and then request them to edit or delete the review. For this see what their complaints are and try to resolve them. Give them the confidence that your brand has taken note of the issues and then politely request them to delete them. 
  • Push the Bad reviews down
  • This is another step that many businesses take when it comes to dealing with bad reviews. Since not all people read through every one of the reviews you can simply get more positive reviews and push them down. Ask your customers to leave behind a review. And once the positive review starts piling up, the negative or bad ones will go down eventually. 
  • Flag the review
  • Google has consideration for the bad and negative reviews. If you ever find a fake review or any spam reviews you can always flag and respond to Google for it. Simply click on the review and flag and report it. Google will review your case and after considering the factors whether they are fake or not, they will take legitimate action and will delete such reviews.
  • Take Legal Action
  • If any reviews are such that flagging and reporting it only won’t suffice and it kind of evokes deliberate attempts to sabotage your business, you can always take legal action for it. As a user, you are protected under the laws and can always seek this option. Just go to the Google support section and fill out the form for legal action. Legal action will be pursued and the review will be deleted.  

How to Delete a Google Review in 5 Easy Steps?

Here’s an easy 5-step guide to remove or delete such Google Reviews

  • First, open your Google Business Profile and click on the support section on the navigation panel.
  • Then click on ‘Need more Help’ and select the Customer reviews and photos section.
  • Next up select on the Manage Customer reviews.
  • After that click on email support and send an email to Google supporting your case. Be sure to mention why you are opting for this method and submit the screenshot of such reviews.
  • Google will review such suspicious acts and remove the review within a couple of days. 
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