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How to convert Normal TV to Smart TV?

The advent of the internet, technology, and streaming services has changed the way of watching TV completely. Today, most of the people prefer to watch web series, movies, videos, cookery shows, and other content online rather than watching normal TV shows. But this can be done only if you have a Smart TV. If not, you cannot watch content online from popular OTT platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hotstar, Voot, etc.

Thus if you are holding on normal television, you are probably missing some of the great features and functions that a smart television offer! Moreover, investing in a smart TV is a challenging task if you have a tight budget. Well, don’t worry! We have bought a cost-effective solution for you! Here, we are guiding you on – How to convert Normal TV to Smart TV?

Why it’s essential to convert your Normal TV to Smart TV?

Well, a regular television does not have many things to offer! You can only watch the channels that are provided by the cable operator. Moreover, one of the significant reasons to convert a regular television into a smart one is the variety of streaming services it provides.

Not only this, they have in-built streaming apps and a web browser that gives you the freedom to search content at your convenience. In addition to this, smart televisions also comprise of Chromecast that lets you stream content on a bigger screen from your mobile phone, tablet, or laptop.

Thus, it becomes crucial to have a smart television these days. So, here we will specify some ways that help you convert a regular TV into a Smart one. Let’s take a look!

How to convert Normal TV to Smart TV?

You must have heard of streaming devices and smart media players! Yes, these gadgets will help you in converting your regular television into the latest smart TV. There are a wide variety of streaming devices available in the market that help you achieve this purpose. Below is the list of streaming devices and smart media players that can convert your conventional television into a smart TV.

# Google Chromecast

Smart TV
Google Chromecast

Google Chromecast is the best streaming device that is capable of giving a new life to your old dumb idiot box. It gives you access to online content! You can watch your favorite talk shows, web series, movies, and other content on various OTT platforms like Netflix, Hulu Plus, YouTube, HBO GO, etc.

In simple words, it is a small and portable device that can be connected to your television through the HDMI port. By connecting this device, you can get access to the online content. Moreover, this device works perfectly with android and iOS devices.  

Users can also stream music from famous applications, including Gaana, Spotify, JioSaavn, and many others. Additionally, you can also play games and cast content from other devices to your television screen.

# Amazon Fire Stick 

Smart TV
Amazon Fire Stick 

Another streaming device that lets you convert your regular TV to a smart one is – Amazon Fire Stick. It is a tiny, drive-shaped smart media player from Amazon. You can plug this device directly into your TV’s HDMI video input to get the world of entertainment.

It also features a remote that has an in-built microphone for voice control. Yes, you heard it right! This will let you give voice commands, as it is Alexa supported. By connecting this device, you will get access to “tens of thousands” channels such as Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, HBO Now, etc.

# Teewe 2

Smart TV
Teewe 2

Most of people might not hear about this small and sleek HDMI dongle called – Teewe 2. It is a rival of Chromecast that is made in India by Bangalore-based startup Mango Man. This streaming device is available on most of the e-commerce platforms under an affordable price range of Rs.2399!

It comes with an HDMI extension cable, power adaptor, and a detachable USB cable that lets you connect it with your television. It gives you the freedom to stream content online and lets you cast photos, videos on the bigger screen.  

# Tata Sky Binge+ Android Set Top Box

Smart TV
Tata Sky Binge+ Android Set Top Box

If you are wondering how to convert normal TV to smart TV, rely on Tata Sky Binge+ Android Set Top Box! You can buy this streaming device from e-commerce websites under a price tag of Rs.2999.

This set-top box gives you access to watch content on both OTT platforms as well as on live TV. It also features a built-in Chromecast that gives you the freedom to mirror content from your smartphone, tablet, and laptop on your television.  

Apart from this, users can also play games and download applications from Google Play Store. Furthermore, it is 4k, Google-Assistant and Bluetooth enabled Set Top Box that help you pass your free time by offering access to unlimited content.

# Xiaomi Mi Box 4K

Smart TV
Xiaomi Mi Box 4K

The Xiaomi Mi Box 4K is another media streaming device that helps you convert your conventional television to a smart TV. By connecting this device to your television, you can stream content from all the popular apps such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and YouTube. You can download applications, games, and other stuff from Google Play Store.

This gadget features a quad-core Amlogic processor and comes with an internal storage of 8 GB accompanied by 2 GB RAM. It also supports Dolby Atmos and HDR 10. Thus, it offers an excellent watching and listening experience.

Not only this, but you will also find Google Assistant on the Mi Box 4K with a remote having a dedicated button and microphone that let you give voice commands easily.

# Airtel Xstream Stick

Smart TV
Airtel Xstream Stick

Recently, Airtel has launched a new entertainment device named Airtel Xstream Stick, a competitor of the Amazon Fire TV Stick. Basically, it is a 4K hybrid box that is powered by Android 9 Pie.

It offers OTT content accompanied by satellite TV so that users can switch content as per their preference. Moreover, you will find a voice-enabled remote control along with Google Assistant.

Besides this, it also gives access to all famous streaming apps such as Colors, HOOQ, ZEE TV, and Sony TV and supports the Google Play store so that you can download and install other applications too. More importantly, you can mirror content from your phone to your television using this streaming device.

# Apple TV Box

Smart TV
Apple TV Box

This is another way that assists you to change your conventional television into an extraordinary one. However, this streaming device is a bit expensive as compared to other smart media players. Users are required to create an Apple id in order to start Apple TV services.

Basically, it is a streaming set-top box that is required to plug-in into your TV and needs Wi-Fi to connect so that you can watch movies, TV shows, and other content. Users will find various applications on this device such as Apple TV+, YouTube, Spotify, Netflix, NOW TV, Disney+, and numerous others.

Additionally, it comes with a Siri based remote control. Thus, you can give voice commands that make the task easier. Moreover, you can watch content in 4K HDR and with Dolby Atmos sound. Overall, it is easy to use, offers fantastic picture quality, loud sound output, and makes your regular television into a smart TV.

# Jio Fibre Set Top Box

Smart TV
Jio Fibre Set Top Box

Reliance Jio has also launched an entertainment device that can be connected to your television using an HDMI connection. It is an Android-based streaming media player that assists you stream content on internet. 

If we talk about the applications, then you will find JioCinema, Voot, JioSaavn, SonyLIV, Youtube, Hotstar, and JioTV Plus on this device. Apart from this, there’s a custom app store that helps users download other applications on the set-top box.

Besides watching movies, songs, TV shows, you can also download and play games on it. Furthermore, this set-top box also features a Bluetooth-based remote control.

# Gaming Console 

Smart TV
Gaming Console 

Using a gaming console, you can turn your regular television into a smart TV. These devices are not only meant for gaming. Still, they are also capable of connecting to the internet that ultimately gives you access to online content available at OTT platforms such as movies, web series, cookery shows, biographies, cartoons, etc. You can connect a gaming console via HDMI port to your television and bring home the world of entertainment.

# Blu-Ray Players

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Blu-ray players also help in converting your ordinary TV into a smart one. These have an internet connection. However, the newer version of Blu-ray players has various built-in streaming apps. You will find Netflix and other streaming applications like NOW TV.


This is all about – How to convert Normal TV to Smart Television? Using the above-mentioned streaming devices, you can easily convert your dumb television to a smart TV that gives you access to online content available on popular OTT platforms. Additionally, you can also stream movies, web series, talk shows, songs, and other content easily. Not only this, but you can also play games by connecting these devices.

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