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How to build a successful career after pursuing B. Com?

Choosing a particular career path must go through a plethora of sequences before reaching its final destination. Students are under a lot of pressure as pursuing a degree and finding a job requires a lot of effort and hard work. They have to understand the process and determine a path so that they can reach their final destination. B.Com encompasses a wide range of specializations but most of them are related to the financial sector with little innovations and advancements through technology. This industry offers good salary packages to experts who are willing to put in extra efforts for improving the existing financial strategies. Students in India also opt for B.Com in Dehradun and other states where they find the most suitable conditions. Here is a list of some career options that can help you to build a successful career after pursuing B. Com:

  1. Grab a banking job: Banks are one of the main sectors that hire B. Com graduates for performing their business operations efficiently. Numerous job roles are perfectly designed for students with expertise in financial services. Highly motivated, competitive, detail-oriented, quantitative, refined and presentable professionals are demanded in the banking sector.
  2. Investment Banking: Professionals who are specialized in capital, acquisitions, and mergers are a perfect fit for investment banking roles as organisations are always looking for potential opportunities to raise their capital and the revenue on investments that are made all throughout the year.
  1. Equity research: Banks always have a dedicated department for research and analysis so that they can rely on their advice and recommendations based on credible data. Equity researchers are well equipped with accounting and research methodologies.
  2. Sales and trading: Selling and buying of funds, shares, and other commodities require excellent knowledge of financial transactions. B. Com graduates are trained to handle such a strenuous work environment. 
  3. Commercial banking: This role demands great communication skills as they must provide consultations to their clients and other organisations for resolving their financial issues and other related cases. 
  1. Retail banking: Professionals with analytical expertise are quite helpful in managing the day-to-day operations in banks and other financial departments. 
  2. Go for corporate: Top-notch organisations such as Amazon, Tesla, Facebook, and others train financial professionals to develop strategies and policies that could yield them maximum profit and avoid all the drawbacks associated with it. There are numerous job roles in such organisations available for B. Com graduates.
  1. Treasury management: Managing the financial statements by optimizing and evaluating an organisation’s annual expenses. Professionals with technical skills and a solid understanding of foreign exchange are demanded in this industry.
  2. Investor relations: The professionals in this domain are responsible for managing crises, handling inquiries, and other related information. Investor relation officers handle all the communications in the financial sectors.
  3. Corporate development: Professionals who identify and negotiate potential opportunities related to acquisitions for raising the profits on equity and debts.

So, if you are considering a successful career after pursuing B.Com, then you must consider all the aforementioned career options before making any final decisions. So, sign up for the course now.

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