How To Bookmark Your Open Tabs All At Once On Your Desktop Browser

You’re doing some web surfing – exploring things, looking for stuff – and you need to kill your PC. In any case, you would prefer not to get lost where you were on your tab. You can bookmark every tab independently, however, it takes a lot of time. However, you can also learn how to save tabs in chrome if you’re always working on this browser.


  1. At that point, right-click any tab again and pick the Bookmark tab. 
  2. Select the organizer where you need to store the bookmark. We picked the bookmark toolbar so our bookmarks are effectively open. 
  3. Enter a name for the organizer that will contain the bookmarks of every open tab. 
  4. At that point, click on Add Bookmarks. 
  5. To open all your bookmarked tabs, right-click the new envelope on the bookmarks bar and select Open All in the tab. 
  6. Bookmarked site pages are opened in new tabs to one side of the as of now open tab. 


In Vivaldi, you can bookmark all open tabs utilizing the tab meeting highlight. 

  1. On the Save Session as Open Session discourse, enter a name for the organizer wherein the bookmarks will be put away. 
  2. On the off chance that you have different windows open, and you need to save just open tabs in the current window, check the Save Only tab in the current window box. 
  3. Snap-on save. 
  4. To open a saved meeting, click the Vivaldi menu in the upper-left corner of the program window once more, drift over the document, and afterward select Open Saved Session from the submenu. 
  5. On the Open Session exchange, select the meeting you need to open from the rundown. 
  6. The saved meeting’s tabs will be opened to one side of the as of now an open tab in the current window. On the off chance that you need to open a tab from a saved meeting in another window, open the meeting in another window box. 
  7. Snap-on Open. 
  8. You can likewise choose a meeting and snap the Open Session discourse to erase that meeting. 


In Opera, you can save every single open tab, however, they are not saved as bookmarks. They are saved in the Speed ​​Dial organizer. 

  1. To save all dial tabs to the Speed ​​Dial envelope, right-click any tab and select Save All Tabs as the Speed ​​Dial organizer. 
  2. The new Speed ​​Dial organizer with your saved tabs is named Folder of course. 
  3. To rename the new Speed ​​Dial organizer, move your mouse over the envelope and snap the catch that shows up. At that point, pick Edit Title. 
  4. Enter another name on the popup exchange and snap OK. 
  5. To open all saved tabs in the Speed ​​Dial organizer, move your mouse over the envelope and snap the … button once more. 
  6. Select Open in all new tabs to open all saved tabs on the new tab in the current window. 

Chromium-based edge 

To save the at present open tab, click on the Edge menu (… ) and pick Favorites. 

  1. On the Add, All Tabs in Favorites discourse, enter a name for the envelope that will contain the saved tabs and pick an organizer to save the new envelope to. We picked a most loved bar. 
  2. Snap-on save. 
  3. On the Favorites bar, right-click the new envelope and open All (X), where “X” is the number of tabs saved in the organizer. This opens every one of the saved tabs in the new tab in the current window. 
  4. You can likewise open all (X) in another window or open all (X) in an undercover window. 


In the event that you are utilizing a Mac and you like Safari, you can likewise save all open tabs in Safari. 

  1. Ensure Safari is the dynamic application and afterward click on the bookmark menu at the highest point of the screen. At that point, pick Add Bookmarks for these X tabs, where the quantity of tabs open in the window is “X”. 
  2. On the discourse that shows up, select where to add this bookmark organizer starting from the drop list. 
  3. At that point, enter a name for the new envelope which will contain every one of the bookmarks from every open tab. The default name is Saved Tab. 
  4. Snap-on Add. 
  5. To open all saved bookmarks in the new tab in the current Safari window, first, ensure the sidebar is open on the left side. If not, click the Show Sidebar button at the highest point of the window.
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