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How to Appear on Google: 05 Key Steps to SEO Success

Companies that work with digital marketing have as one of their main challenges to stand out on the first page of the main search engines. Learn in our article 05 essential steps on how to appear on Google.

In addition to being important for leveraging online businesses, being well positioned in Google searches strengthens your company’s branding.

Therefore, we list as necessary steps:

  1. Quality Content Generation;
  2. Proper planning of keywords;
  3. Excellent quality link building;
  4. On-page SEO;
  5. Social Signals.

How to Appear on Google: Generating Quality Content Is Critical

There is no way a business will be on the first page of google for a given keyword if it is not associated with quality content.

When we talk about quality under Google’s eyes, we highlight the following elements:

  • The content needs to answer the main questions of internet users;
  • In addition to answering questions, the contents need to have the necessary depth to stand out;
  • Being in tune with the proposal of the site that hosts the content (it’s no use talking about pot cake on a site whose main message is how to make money on the internet);
  • Text formatting needs accessible language and well-divided paragraphs;
  • Whenever possible, enrich your content with videos and images related to the central idea of ​​the post.

The points presented above need to be understood and put into practice by all companies.

Even if your business has a physical matrix, for it to survive its presence in the digital world is essential.

Therefore, Google is targeting, to highlight certain content, above all, solutions for its users.

In this sense, your content needs quality, robustness, ease of interpretation and synchronization with the elements of your online structure.

In addition, it is important that you have a permanent content generation, it is useless to publish a post today, and the next one after three months of the previous one.

Proper keyword planning

Properly planning the keywords means searching for terms with less competition, in addition to generating texts that intersect with your content agenda.

How to appear on google is a question that is very present in the daily lives of SEO service providers. But few professionals try to correctly plan the keywords of their articles.

In this sense, it is important that you use tools that help you to identify the most searched terms on search platforms, such as:

  • Ahrefs Keyword Explorer;
  • Semrush’s Keyword Magic Tools;
  • KW Finder;
  • KeywordTool.

Excellent quality link building

Perhaps this is one of the most controversial topics among SEO professionals in the market. What is the best link building strategy to appear prominently on google?

This is because there are some tactics that are known to be ineffective, such as:

  • generating toxic backlinks;
  • no-follow notes;
  • exaggerations of backlinks from a site to your page;
  • comment backlinks on reference pages.

Despite the points listed above, we know that without performing off-page SEO actions it is practically impossible to appear on the first page of Google, especially if we are dealing with high competition keywords.

That’s why we strongly recommend that you, who have an online business, dedicate a good part of your time to carry out link building. And among the possible strategies, we recommend:

  1. Guest posting on partner sites;
  2. Backlinks on highly relevant, highly reputable sites with a high domain rate.

How to appear on Google with on-page SEO

After the latest Google algorithm updates, you need excellent formatting of your page so that it is among the first in search of this powerful tool.

Furthermore, when we ask how to appear on Google, it needs to appear as central elements in your company’s SEO planning:

  • page loading speed;
  • text structuring with H1, H2, H3 etc tags, hierarchical;
  • images with alternative and mimed texts;
  • a good density of the main keyword within the content;
  • present and well-elaborated meta description.

It is obvious that on-page SEO is not just what was said above, but a great message is that you, to dispute the top positions, need to develop on-page actions daily.

Does Social Signals help to appear in the top positions of Google?

This is a question that has even been the reason for an official positioning by Google, in the sense that social signals do not contribute to the ranking of a page on the platform.

However, those who are in the day-to-day of SEO know that, after implementing robust social signals actions, we always gain some positions in the page ranking.

Although we know that only social signals actions will not contribute in isolation for your content to appear at the top of the SERP, we cannot fail to value it.

Furthermore, when we promote our content on social media, especially on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Linkedin and Twitter, we are strengthening our branding.

Social signals generate user loyalty and return to your structure, as long as they have a good experience when interacting with your content.

In other words, we return to the need to generate quality content as a driving and essential element for the survival and competitiveness of any company.


We didn’t intend to exhaust the topic in this article, but rather to instigate and draw attention to a topic that has been neglected by online business companies in Brazil, SEO planning.

In this context of high growth potential, try to assess and execute the points presented, which, at the very least, will gain more visits to your structure and, therefore, more potential customers.

As long as you know how to take advantage of the user experience, offering solutions to your doubts, and presenting value to the lives of people who are browsing your structure.

Furthermore, be sure to study and update yourself on digital marketing, as the secret to the success of any business is innovation.

Very successful and excellent deals.

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