How Long does Canadian Citizenship Take?

If you want to know about the citizenship application duration in Canada, you are in the right place. This article will briefly discuss the time and duration of being a Canadian citizen. Let’s move forward to know the complete discussion.

How Long does Canadian Citizenship Take?

To earn citizenship in Canada, you need to go through several processes, from the application submission to the declaration of citizenship. 

Based on different types of applications, the duration to get citizenship also differs. However, it will take almost 2 years on average to be a citizen of Canada.

Surprisingly, the length of total time duration reduces for the emergency application. Alternatively, for the general applicants takes almost 27 months.

Surprisingly the claim for citizenship varies from person to person. 

Moreover, the non-residents need to earn permanent status first to claim for the actual citizen. On the other hand, locals need to attain 18 years to establish their citizenship. Overall, it is a complex and lengthy process.

Duration for Different Citizenship Applications in Canada

In a different application for citizenship, the processing time also differs. Let’s look at the fixed time duration by the government of Canada.

Citizenship Grant

According to the last update from the Canadian government, the citizenship grant application processing will take 27 months. The countdown period will begin from the day of receiving the application.

Citizenship Certificate

You will have to wait for at least 17 months to get the citizenship certificate. This certificate works as proof of permanent citizen.

Resumption of Citizenship

In the case of resumption of citizenship application, the duration of time extends slightly. It will take 23 months on a minimum duration. As resumption is an oath-taking process, the time will count after effect.

Renunciation of Citizenship

Renunciation of citizenship is an extraordinary situation for claiming citizenship. In this particular circumstance, 15 months will be the required time.

Moreover, you can submit a renunciation of citizenship application from outside Canada. Still, the method will work. But, you have to add 3 or 4 months extra in accounts for completing the mailing process.

The search for Citizenship Record

The citizenship record shows the previous history of a person. The application submission needs at least 15 months. The time duration will start counting from the submission of the application.

Note that the time mentioned above will have necessary changes by government order. The government holds the absolute right to bring any changes in processing time.

Including Basic Requirements Time with Canadian Citizen Applying Process

Should you include the time of Fulfilling Basic Requirements with the processing time? 

Yes, you must consider the basic requirement of fulfilling the application processing time. Hence, both are counted as prerequisite processes for earning citizenship count the time combinedly.

You need to complete several basic requirements before applying for citizenship status. Therefore, add this period with the regular application duration. Let’s check the primary conditions and their asking times.

Permanent Residents’ Status

It is a primary prerequisite for claiming citizenship status in Canada. A person needs to stay legally in Canada for at least 3 years out of the last 5 years to get permanent status.

Aware of Rights and Duty

The applicants must be aware of all rights and duties of other citizens. Moreover, the person must be a law-abiding citizen. To understand the norms and conditions, outsiders have to stay in Canada for at least 5 years in Canada.

So, include all those periods to count the time of getting Canadian citizenship. It’s a long and complex procedure.


Although it’s a time-consuming procedure to become a citizen of Canada, you need to follow the rules properly. If you follow all the terms and conditions properly, you can complete the procedures on time. 

But keep in mind that there is no fixed duration of getting citizenship status in Canada. Sometimes it could take a little longer than the mentioned time, or sometimes the citizenship status is done in a slightly short duration.


The following section includes answers to the most relevant queries regarding this topic.

What is the Covid-19 effect on Citizenship processing?

After the Covid-19 effect, the time duration of citizenship application processing was extended. Currently, the citizenship application processing time is 27 months.

How difficult is the Canadian Citizenship Test?

You need to earn at least 75% marks to pass the examination. If you are habituated with Canada’s culture and norms, you will easily pass the exam.

What is the difference between Permanent Residence and Citizenship?

Permanent residence holds citizenship of his own country but resides in another country. On the other hand, citizenship provides the full authority and independence of living in another country.

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