We are sure, in these quarantine days, you are entirely dependent on the internet at your home, and for this, you must have a Wi-Fi system, but are you worried about the speed of your Wi-Fi, don’t worry, here you will get everything which helps you to boost up the speed of your Wi-Fi, so let’s get started with a different process. Check you internet speed here speedtest.

Before going to discuss the testing of your Wi-Fi, let’s discuss some factors that affect your Wi-Fi speed:

First of all, try to resolve your problem through your router; it may be possible to place it in the area where signals are not reaching, like in the corner, etc. 

You have to point out that the router will work more efficiently at a higher altitude from the earth—location matters for the Wi-Fi speed. Another thing that you have to keep in your mind that not to place the router nearer to the metallic or concrete substances.

In addition to this, when you need the best internet speed, you may go to your router’s settings and go to the priority option to select your phone or laptop; in this way, you can boost up the speed as well.

Sometimes, there will be some interference wavelength of the microwave oven, so place the router away from these types of equipment. Even though this interaction is not very strong, but we know minor thing matters.

Testing the WI-FI speed:

Suppose you live in an area where many others use WI-FI. You may experience some trouble with your speed as the signal of other routers when matches with yours, your Wi-Fi speed decreases. To solve this problem, you may install an application like  Wi-Filaser.

Sometimes, your router is not of the quality, and you have a very local router, then you have to replace it. It is also possible that your ISP is not giving enough speed, then you may check the pace through your LAN cable on your computer or laptop.

Method of testing your Wi-Fi speed:

While checking your Wi-Fi speed, make sure that all your applications and other background software are closed. At this moment, your bandwidth may not drop to zero; keep yourself there. Keep in mind that if your system is downloading some updates, in this process, when you try to check your Wi-Fi speed, it will tell you only the downloading speed and will reduce the limit of your upload speed.

Finally, we will tell you that if still, you are facing some problem regarding your speed test, then kindly reset your modem and router to get good results; after doing such operations, you might be able to enhance/boost your Wi-Fi speed.

How to test the connection?

There are many sites present on the website that help you in testing your Wi-Fi speed. It depends on which search engine you are using; if you are using Google, it will direct you to the Ookla speed test, and no doubt, it is one of the most effective platforms to check the results of your Wi-Fi speed. 

But when you are using Bing as a search engine, type speed test, a page where you can directly check your Wi-Fi speed. Some other platforms are also available, which can help you test the Wi-Fi speed, such as MegaPath. It would be best if you weren’t surprised when you check the Wi-Fi speed on another device, and it will give you a slight difference in data checking.


So, we have concluded which measures you should take to enhance/boost up your Wi-Fi speed according to location, interference, and some other factors. We have also discussed the best methods to test the Wi-Fi speed, and last, we helped you overcome the problem of detecting the speed of your Wi-Fi through some unique platforms. We are sure that this article is beneficial to understand the basics of testing Wi-Fi speed. Hopefully, you will overcome all the problems of Wi-Fi testing at your home with one click.

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