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How Do I Find The Best Internet Providers In My Area?

India is one of the countries where the internet is consumed by most of the citizens in one way or another throughout the day. Plenty of people use fixed-line broadband as their default way of accessing the internet due to its relatively high speed and affordable internet prices. There are thousands of big and small internet providers in the country and choosing the one that is reliable and fits your budget can be a difficult task. To simplify this task you can spend some time understanding the various parts of the broadband offering and how to select an internet provider service that ticks all the right boxes. Let us look at the various aspects of the broadband service that differentiates them.

  • Data limit – The data limit is one of the most important parts of the broadband service. The more the amount the data provided by the internet service provider, the more you can browse and download throughout the month. Many providers provide unlimited data however they mostly have a fair usage policy of FUP in place which can drop the internet speed once a certain amount of data has been consumed.
  • Speed – The speed of the internet connection depends heavily on the amount that you pay as most of the ISPs have tiered plans to provide a maximum data speed at different price points. They however have maximum speeds which are allowed by the technical infrastructure. Most premiere providers can provide speed up to 1 Gbps.
  • Downtime – A reliable network using advanced technology such as optical fiber can provide very steady network speeds. That is why the speed doesn’t drop often even when the wi-fi runs all through the day and night.
  • Additional OTT Subscriptions – Many internet service providers provide additional value in form of subscriptions to OTT apps such as Zee5, Shemaroo Me, Amazon Prime, and many others. Airtel provides these subscriptions as an added benefit called Airtel Thanks rewards.
  • Free Calls and Router – Free STD and Local Calls are also provided by the ISPs who also have telecom services through an additional landline connection. Airtel is one of the broadband providers that also offer free unlimited calls to all their broadband customers. A free high-speed router is also provided by Airtel so that the customers do not have to spend extra time and money to get a compatible router.

The above factors can help you evaluate various broadband providers and you can visit their website to see if your area is covered by them. You can also search the internet with “internet provider near me” and then check the resulting providers against the above parameters. Airtel which is one of the largest internet providers in the country covers most of the country and you can easily go for them for fulfilling each of the above criteria. The best part is that whether you go for their economic plan or premium plan, they all come with unlimited data, unlimited calls, and a free high-speed router. There are also some great OTT app subscriptions as part of Airtel Thanks Rewards.

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