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How Do I Ensure a Faster C-Section Recovery?

While finding out that you are pregnant can be exciting, but the feeling becomes even more after your child is born. Besides, you finally get to meet the baby that has been growing in your tummy for the last nine months. What could be better? Nevertheless, childbirth could be draining, especially if you undergo a cesarean delivery. Typically, a C-section will require more healing time than a normal vaginal birth. Every mother wishes to have a safe and fast healing after child delivery to give them time to bond with their child. Continue scrolling to discover some useful tips to ensure a faster C-section recovery

  • Baby Your Body

As a new mom who has undergone a C-section, you should take extra care in getting around during your healing process. Some of the tips to help you achieve this include the following:  

Hold your abdomen whenever you cough or sneeze to protect the incision site.

Avoid going down or up the stairs as much as possible. You should keep everything you require close to you or in your room to get up frequently. 

Do not do strenuous exercises; however, take gentle strolls frequently as the movement helps your body heal better. Also, it will aid in preventing blood clots or constipation. Strolls also include an excellent way to introduce your infant to the world and nature. 

Avoid heavy lifting, and this includes lifting anything heavier than your baby. Instead, you should ask for help from your friends, family members or spouse. 

Primarily, it can take up to 2 months to fully recover and return to a normal routine. You should ask your doctor the best time to resume driving, start exercising or go back to work. 

  • Get Plenty of Rest

A C-section is major surgery; thus, like any other surgery, your body will require ample time to heal. If there are no complications, you can stay in the hospital for about two days, and your body will need about eight weeks to recover fully. While it can be difficult to rest when you have a baby that demands attention, you can always take a nap whenever they sleep. also, get someone to help you with some tasks to give you ample time to relax. 

  • Focus on Good Nutrition

Good nutrition s important when pregnant and after delivery as well. Besides, if you are chestfeeding or breastfeeding, you are still your infant’s basic source of nutrition. Therefore, eating nutritious foods will keep you and your baby strong and healthy. Do not confuse eating a lot with eating nutritious foods. 

  • Relieve Your Pain

C-sections can come with a lot of pain, especially for the first days. You should ask your doctor to recommend pain-relieving medication that is right for you. Your doctor can advise you to take over-the-counter medicine or pain reliever depending on your level of discomfort. 

On the other hand, you can utilize a heating pad to relieve any discomfort experienced in the surgical area.   

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