How Can You Select The Right Box For Shipping?

For your business to do well, simply focusing on the quality of your product will not be a very good approach. This is because your packaging plays a key role in impressing your customers. Your product may be excellent as per industry standards, but with flimsy packaging, it will look extremely unappealing, not to mention- it might get damaged in transit as well. Therefore, knowing which kind of box is most suitable for your shipping needs is vital for your business to prosper. Your customers would prefer if their orders arrived in mint condition.

Here are some pointers for you to consider before you choosing a particular box for your shipping needs.

  1. Durability.

This is the first thing you need to consider when it comes to packaging. If your product is fragile, your packaging needs to be absolutely top notch and should have made with protective material which has a high resistance to wear and tear. There can be a number of damages in transit which you have no control over, therefore, ensuring that your packaging is adequate will not only reassure you, but also show your customer that you are concerned about the end result.

  • Size.

It is always safer to invest in a larger box, but sometimes this might not be the most practical option, especially considering the high delivery charges that are levied on larger boxes. The size of the box should depend on the nature of your product. If your product is small, it would make no sense to put it in a huge box. Similarly, you should also ensure that the box is not too small, since it can then easily get damaged or be misplaced. There should be at least three inches space of all sides inside the box to pack cushioning material so that the product is not damaged.

  • Structural integrity.

This is an extremely important aspect if you are shipping fragile and/or perishable goods. Your box should be made out of material that can withstand impact and does not bend or break easily. If your box is flimsy then your product will most definitely reach the customer in a sorry state. Most boxes are made of cardboard or plastic, and the former is usually a better option keeping in mind all environmental factors. Corrugated boxes are ideal for larger goods, electronics, fragile items and fresh produce, and so on. Normal cardboard boxes can be used for smaller items such as stationery.

  • Design.

Lastly, the design on your box is your key to better marketing. Your packaging must have the logo of your company and a design that is practical and easy to handle. Something too extravagant will probably make your customers quite confused, and something too minimalistic will look boring.

Keeping these in mind, you can select the right box for shipping your goods and expect a good feedback from all your customers.

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