Keeping yourself hydrated is the most important thing to do in summers. It is because the water level and electrolytes in the body reduces due to frequent sweating. Dehydration leads to kidney stones, overheating of the body, psychological damage, cardiovascular disorders, etc. It is necessary to drink pure water in the right amount to keep yourself protected from such problems. There are different ways to store the drinking water in summers. Here is a list of the best ways to store water. Do you want to buy water purifier and dispenser?


It is an ancient and traditional way of storing water. Clay pots keep the water cool. These pots cool the water according to the climate of a particular area. As there were no refrigerators in ancient times, so clay pots were used to cool the water. The water stored in the clay pots is slightly alkaline in nature and the human body is acidic. Drinking this alkaline water balances the normal pH of the blood.

Clay consists of minerals that have the ability to stabilize the glucose level of blood. A dilute amount of these minerals in the drinking water is beneficial for health. It helps in treating the bad throat. It is better for people suffering from throat diseases to drink water from clay pots instead of refrigerated water.

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Drinking the water stored in copper vessels is advantageous for the human body. But, you can not use it too much. According to professionals, drinking copper-containing water twice a day is perfect for the human body. It improves the functioning of kidneys and liver. It also maintains the pH of human blood. Traces of copper boost up and strengthen the muscles of the body. Copper is a powerful element and it has the ability to kill harmful microbes present in the water. Drinking water containing small amounts of copper protects the body from many diseases like ulcers, acidity, infections, indigestion, etc.


Drinking the water stored in silver vessels increases the immunity of the body. Silver purifies the water naturally by killing bacteria and preventing the building of algae inside the water. The silver-containing water maintains all three doshas of the body. These doshas are responsible for good mental health. So, silver vessels make the water pure and improve the quality of the water.


The glass containers are a good way to store the water. They keep the water clean and reduces the risk of the presence of chemicals and toxins in the water. But there are some disadvantages of using glass containers. The biggest disadvantage is that glass vessels are heavy. You can not carry them with you easily. They are fragile and break easily making it dangerous to use them.


Plastic containers are the most commonly used way to store water. They are light in weight and can be carried around easily. It is easy to refrigerate them because they don’t break easily. But there are some harmful disadvantages of plastic containers. They leaches the chemicals in the water stored inside them. These chemicals may accumulate inside the body and can cause threatening diseases.

      It was a brief detail on how to store water in summers for drinking purposes. Hope you must have got some help from this article

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