How Can Animated Video Benefit Businesses in 2021?

With the onset of the Coronavirus pandemic, the global digital market has become even more competitive. This is particularly after several brick-and-mortar businesses are moving on the online platform and more and more consumers are also being attracted to the same. This is not just true for a particular industry or size of business, but it stands for all kinds of businesses across the globe. 

As businesses are trying to improve and advance their digital strategy, the importance of video marketing and a reliable animated video production company must be discussed. Video marketing has in fact become crucial to get a competitive edge and the best ROI for all kinds of businesses in today’s time. 

The Rising Importance of Video Marketing 

Talking about the marketing of businesses, videos have turned out to be a very popular medium of marketing. Studies showed that consumption of mobile videos is rising by 100% every year. Along with that, Hubspot research also suggests that almost 81% of businesses use videos as a marketing tool. That being said, video marketing has become a fundamental part of most successful digital marketing strategies. 

How Animated Videos Can Make An Impact For Your Business in 2021? 

While there are a variety of video forms being used for marketing purposes, animated videos are one of the most popular kinds of videos. A lot of major and popular brands across the globe consider a reliable animated video production company to be an important element in their video marketing campaign. 

Video marketing has become one of the most powerful marketing tools in today’s time as consumers across the world are constantly interacting with different kinds of advertisements and promotions. 

That being said, video marketing has gained immense popularity amongst businesses and has also been widely accepted by consumers due to the following reasons: 

  • It is a great way to connect with customers on a more personal level and enhance better human interactions. 
  • Videos are the most popular forms of media across social platforms and thus greatly boost the engagement of brands with their customers. 
  • Videos are an effective way to encourage emotional interaction between a brand and its target audience.
  • Videos are a great medium that enables quick and easy transfer of information faster and is more effective than any other content type. 

When we talk about animated videos, with a blend of infographics, cartoon animations, and the underlying message of the brand, these videos can easily communicate with the target audience. Along with all that, there are a few other reasons why a compelling animated video must essentially be a part of your marketing campaign.

  1. Makes Your Brand More Visible

As simple as that sounds, animated videos, when done in the right way, can grab the attention of the target audience and effectively increase brand awareness and visibility in the market. 

  1. Enhances engagement through a blend of information and inspiration

Videos are the most consumed form of content right now. Be it an advertisement or be it on social media, your animated brand video can go a long way to the success of your brand. Be it live-action/animation mix, whiteboard videos, or something else, the right mix of sound, content, and inspiration, can make a huge impact on the target audience. 

  1. The Best Way To Communicate The Brand’s Mission and Vision

Studies suggest that on average, people spend a minimum of 100 minutes on a daily basis, watching online videos. That does not only make videos the best medium to communicate but videos can actually be the marketing element you need to communicate the idea and vision of your brand and enhance your credibility. 

Video marketing has a long and bright future ahead and animated videos are surely one of the most important elements of any brand marketing strategy in 2021. Let us wait and watch how this marketing element works as more and more brands keep switching to video marketing and animated videos. 

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