Huawei p40 lite

Highlighting Features of Huawei p40 lite

Welcome back to another huawei smartphone blog post. So, today I’m making a review of the huawei p40 lite.


The first thing that we’re going to talk about is the design so the huawei p40 lite that I’m currently using is in midnight black and, to be honest, I love this color another thing that I love about this design of this cell phone is, of course, the camera setup this symmetric camera setup makes this cell phone beautiful although one thing another thing that I hate is the plastic bag and the plastic frame but it’s understandable at this price segment and also you have a glass front and it’s a really strong glass front because my p30 light doesn’t even have a screen protector but it has been fine and well it doesn’t have a simple crack on the screen and it’s almost two years.

Unique Features

Now, it can house two sim cards and when it comes to storage you have internal storage of 128 gigabytes you have also six gigabytes of ram and you have a UFS 2.1 mm version of transferring data then you also have nano memory that you can up to 256 gigabytes and it uses the shared sim card slot then you have the power button that you can also use as the fingerprint sensor and I must say the placement of it is convenient for people with small hands.

Conveniently, you don’t have to worry about anything it’s even easier to put it you have the old age 3.5-millimeter headphone jack then you also have a USB type-c charging port then you also have a single firing or speaker that is loud it also has a punch hole selfie camera and this one for me.

I prefer this one compared to the water drop one so the huawei p40 lite comes in with a 6.4 inches display and that has an 83.5 screen-to-body ratio and it’s a type ips LCD so that means it’s not going to be good at showing contrast colors.

Display Features

The deep legs are not going to be so good and also highlights might be blown but overall it’s really a good display so this cell phone has some bezels obviously for a smartphone on this segment but the bezels that are on the smartphone are not really that much huge and they’re not going to disturb your viewing that much you’re not going to realize them and it’s also expected of a cell phone on this segment but they’re really small because as I said huawei p40 lite has an 83.5 screen to body ratio and that’s good the resolution on this smartphone on the display is a 1080×2310 versus the by 2312 on the huawei p30 lite.

They leveled up down from that 2312 to 2010 it might be to save battery the battery of the smartphone works very well but I’m going to touch that on that one in a second the brightness on this smartphone is 416 nits unfortunately because in a bright sunny day you are going to struggle to look at this smartphone’s display unless you have an umbrella or you’re in a place where there’s a shadow but unfortunately that’s what you get when you are going to buy a smartphone on this segment it comes with dark mode and dark mode on this smartphone works perfectly because it comes with android 10 and dark mode is a feature of android 10.

The smartphone also, unfortunately, doesn’t come with a water-resistant body but I must say that it doesn’t get wet easily so you can consider huawei p40 lite.

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