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When we go shopping, we often look for quality and value no matter what we buy. In everyday life we buy whole lot of stuff and to get great bargains comparison-shopping always helps. But more important is how to differentiate between the bad stuff and good one, between the low quality and the high ones. If price is cheap does not necessarily means it’s no good quality. Many retails offer give deep discount for the high quality jewelry brand name products.

There are natural pearls and the cultured ones. Natural ones are rarity and all the stuff sold both in domestic and international markets around the world are designed with cultured pearls. Ever since the famous Japanese man Mikimoto invented and patented the bead-nucleating technique of culturing them in deep sea salt water in Japan, the whole new era emerged in regard to cultivating them in pearl farms.

Faux pearl jewelry is one of the hottest jewelries in the bridal industry for so many years – whether you are looking for bridal faux jewelry pearl sets or individual pieces. Many brides choose bridal faux pearl jewelry to accessorize themselves for their big day because of its affordability and versatility. This affordable jewelry goes well with any kind of occasion, be it a formal wedding or a casual one.

During early times, genuine pearls were very expensive. That is the reason why women preferred to wear faux pearls instead of the actual one. But with the technology we have available today, pearls are being cultured like those of Akoya pearls and freshwater pearls. And since there’s only a small difference in terms of the appearance of a genuine pearl and faux pearl, many women still opt to buy the more affordable jewelry choice.

Bridal jewelry should complement the wedding apparel of the bride and bridal party. And as mentioned earlier, pearls go well with any kind of dress and never goes out of style. It is also possible to customize the jewelry your wear. You can have it match your wedding apparel much better by taking into consideration the color or the dresses and the rest of the color scheme you have chosen.

You can actually make your own combination of faux pearl earrings and faux pearl necklace that complement each other or you can have them in set. This type of jewelry sets are the perfect gifts to your bridesmaids and flower girls to acknowledge their presence and participation to your wedding.

Faux pearl jewelry, just like the naturally occurring pearls come in gorgeous black and pretty ivory. If you have a darker skin tones, faux black pearl jewelry will look elegant next to your skin. And if your skin is quite fair in color, then faux ivory pearl jewelry would be perfect to match your skin tone. Aside from these colors, there are unlimited selections of colors that you may want to try. You can browse the internet and visit your local jewelry store or even bazaars to find those pieces that will suit your taste and personality.

There are two types of pearls, freshwater and seawater ones. The freshwater largely comes from China that is grown in rivers and ponds and often takes two to three years to grow. Whereas the seawater ones popularly known as akoya pearls are from Japan and China and it takes little longer to grow and typically command little higher value than the freshwater cousins. Other seawater ones are Tahitian pearls and South seawater pearls but both these sell at much higher prices. Their sizes are little bigger and production takes little more time to grow and as quantity is limited. When it comes to buying cheap high quality jewelry little knowledge about how these natural gems are evaluated can surely help. After these natural beautiful gems are harvested, they are graded from A to triple A and often lower quality go down as B, C or D. Like diamonds that are priced based on four Cs – cuts, color, carat-weight and clarity, the pearls traders often use their year long experience to evaluate the quality based on certain factors such as, size, color, type, luster and surface. High luster and thick nacre is the key. Surface must be without cuts, nicks and blemishes.

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