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Camping Mat Supplier: Here’s How to Start Your Own Business with HoneyDryBag!

Starting a new sleeping pads business requires much effort. Especially if you want to work as a retailer, finding a wholesale supplier can be a headache. Everything matters when choosing a wholesale supplier for your sleeping pads business, from quality products to customizing options.

That’s where HoneyDryBag shines!

HoneyDryBag was established in 2004, and with almost a decade in the industry, they are one of the most experienced camping mat suppliers and manufacturers. Its customized sleeping pads are exported to America, Europe, and other corners of the world.

HoneyDryBag designs inflatable sleeping mats for hiking, backpacking, camping, etc. The company’s production line is updated from time to time with new production technology, developing new products yearly, creating new sleeping pads, and eliminating outdated & old ones.

The quality control teams work on the production quality. The team inspects the raw materials before entering the manufacturing process, samples the semi-finished products during the production process, and examines the finished products at the end.

HoneyDryBag is a leading camping mat supplier, and its ODM and OEM services for sleeping pads consist of the following features:

  • Private labeling, customized logo, and decoration. HoneyDryBag helps its customers raise their brands by printing custom logos (either multiple or one color), decoration texts, and images on the camping mats.
  • Customers are free to choose any size, pattern, and color. HoneyDryBag offers different patterns of inflatable sleeping pads, including sunflowers, hexagons, diamonds, etc. You just let them know what pattern(s) you want or if you want any unique design of inflatable camping mats.
  • You can also add special features. You can add additional LED lights or combination buckles to the sleeping pads. You can also send your designs and see them turned into reality.
  • In addition to that, HoneyDryBag offers packaging solutions as well. They listen to their client’s requirements about how they want their packages. Private labeling on inflatable sleeping pads’ packages is also supported.

HoneyDryBag’s Customization Process:

HoneyDryBag’s customization process is the key to success. The company provides ODM and OEM products to fulfill the client’s requests. The customization options include the following:


The company uses BPA-free, environmentally friendly materials for its products, including PVC, tarpaulin, silicone, TPU, and nylon. Every material has several variants to meet the client’s requirements and the local markets.


The company offers customization options for products, from basic customization of sizes and colors to the complex modification of OEM requests from their clients.

The company’s custom sleeping pad doesn’t come with its logo on the market, but they offer ones with clients’ custom logos and private labels. The brand and logo of your business are the ones end customers will recognize by seeing.


Packaging is the first thing your customers will see, and it will attract them. Packaging is an essential part of the marketing message.

HoneyDryBag’s customization process includes the following:

  • Consultation with the clients to get a hold of their demands and to understand every part of it.
  • The design team will work on the client’s demands and turn them into great designs.
  • Once the design is done, the client will provide the samples for confirmation.
  • After the sample approval from clients and the QC team, the manufacturing teams start the process.
  • After the production and final inspection are finished, the logistics team will arrange the shipping process and ship it to the client through a suitable shipping method.
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