Having an ergonomic desk design for your gaming is essential

Having an ergonomic desk design for your gaming is essential. If you spend long hours in front of your screen gaming then having an ergonomic desk will ensure that you do not harm your health in any way. It is easy to develop carpal tunnel syndrome and back pain when you are a gamer.

This is why having an ergonomic design is so important. There are many gaming desks on the market but to choose the right one you need to understand all the features that will be offered to you. The Eureka Ergonomic Gaming Desk: EGD 60″ L Shaped Electric Standing, is one of the best gaming desks on the market. Take a look at some of the impressive features that it has to offer. Click Here for more info.

L Shaped Design

This desk has an amazing L-shape design that can hold several monitors at once. This makes it easy for you to maneuver from monitor to monitor to the next without your gaming experience being affected. You can place up to three monitors on it.

Adjustable Height

This versatile desk has electrical height adjustment. This makes it easy for you to raise or lower the desk based on player height and preferences.

There are four memory presets available for height adjustments. This makes it easy for you to put the desk back in the most comfortable position once it has been used by someone else.

The electrical motors offer enough support so that the desk height adjustment is smooth. There is no disruptive noise as the motors allowed the desk to be lifted very quietly.

The movement of the desk from one position to the next is very fast. It takes anywhere from 15 to 20 seconds for it to lift from one position to the next.

Quick and easy adjustments make it easy for you to save time no matter what the situation.

Large Space

There’s no need to buy a mouse pad when you purchase this desk as it already comes with one that is large and comfortable. You can maneuver your mouse without fear that the mat is too small.


If you prefer to use a desk that has environmentally friendly materials then this L-shaped desk is for you. It is completely constructed with environmentally friendly materials to prevent harm to the environment.

It is important to choose a desk that is made sustainably. The desk should also be recyclable when there is no longer a need for it. All of this has been taken into consideration when creating this desk.

Desk Dimensions

The desk is 60 inches wide and offers you ample spacing. This is why it’s so easy for it to hold up to three monitors at the time.

You will have no problem viewing all your screens at once. You will never be blindsided when you are doing a game as you will be able to see all your screens equally.

It is also possible for you to house a printer and any other items that you may find necessary to have near you.

This desk is not exclusively designed for gaming. It can also be used as an office desk if you so choose. There is enough space for your monitors, keyboard mouse, and enough working area.

Standing Desk

One of the best features of the desk is that it is adjustable to a standing position. It is not healthy for you to sit for long hours without standing.

When you are working on a project or even gaming you may find yourself sitting longer than you should. This prevents the free flow of blood throughout your body which can eventually lead to a host of health issues.

Imagine being able to stand while you are gaming or working. With this easily adjustable desk, you can do this very quickly to improve your posture and maintain your health.

Easy Assembly

Putting the desk together is not difficult. The instructions are clear and comprehensive. You can easily put it together yourself, or you can get somebody to assist you. No matter whether you choose to put it yourself or with the help of someone the assembly can be done quickly.

Putting the desk together and starting to use it the same day is possible. There’s no need to delay using your purchase. Once you have some time to set aside, you can put the desk together quickly.

Get Warranty

The desk comes with a lengthy warranty. This means that if something goes wrong with it that you have support to fix it and maintain it for a very long time.

The warranty on the desk is 5 years long. This is one of the best warranties available for a desk of this type. Any problems that you have with the desk can be easily remedied by contacting the manufacturer and making good on your warranty.


Considering all the benefits that you get when you buy this desk and all the features that are available you may expect that it would cost thousands of dollars.

Instead, the desk is very affordable for the average person who wants to have the flexibility of a large space to work or game on. You also have a desk that will help improve your posture and your general health.

Shipping and Support

Enjoy fast shipping for your desk. Once you make your purchase, your desk will be with you in two to three business days. You will also get unlimited customer support.

Make the Smart Choice

When you are thinking about a gaming desk you need to make sure that you consider all your needs. You need an ergonomically designed desk if you plan to spend hours at a time on your video games. You also need a large enough space to host all your monitors.

You should also be able to turn the desk into a working desk whenever you need it to complete other projects outside of gaming. This is where versatility meets affordability and makes this desk a great choice. Contact Eureka Ergonomic.

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