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This guideline will explain to you how to:

  • Is this your first time delivering small parcels?
  • What is small parcels shipping?
  • Shipping guides for small parcels
  • Exactly how small is a parcel?
  • What is the benefit of shipping small parcels for businesses?
  • How much does it cost?
  • What is the difference between small packages and freight shipping?
  • Modes of small parcel delivery transportation
  • Domestic
  • International
  • Specialized Services
  • Shipit4us can help you in finding a Small Parcels transport company.

Is this your first time delivering a small package?

We’re here to help, whether you’re trying to figure out which service to go with, trying to figure out how long it will take to receive a package or anything in between. To get you started, here are some pointers on how to transport small packages.

What is small parcels shipping?

A “small package” is described as an envelope or a bundled shipment that weighs less than 150 lbs. Freight firms like FedEx and UPS often transport them.

What do you remember about the last time you purchased an item from an online merchant and it was being delivered to your door? Perhaps it was apparel or the brand’s newest PlayStation 5. It was modest postal shipping if you didn’t have to make a visit to pick it up!

Using small package item shipping, you package your final products together in a box or envelope and send it over to the shipping company of your choosing. The carrier then carries the package through its network and handles the final delivery.

There are different carriers that offer better rates depending on the type of package you’re shipping.

Small, lightweight packages under 1 lb. are typically better handled by the U.S. Postal Service (USPS), whereas UPS and FedEx are the most expensive of the 3 choices It is in part due to their focus on commercial deliveries and specialist products, such as frozen food packages.

Shipping guides for small parcels

Whenever it relates to delivering packages, whether you use Dhl, FedEx, or the UPS there are ten requirements that each shipper should follow to keep that their packages arrive in good condition and at a reasonable cost. Small company shippers, eBayers, and internet sellers will learn how to ship a box in this video.

  • PackingChoosing the right packing for the item you’re delivering is the first step. A tube, a soft package, a carton envelope, or a box might all be used.
  • WeighingShipping charges are influenced by a variety of criteria, including distance, size, and weight. To avoid carrier charge-backs, you’ll need a precise scale.
  • Measuring In order to get accurate pricing, you’ll need to know the dimensions of your box.
  • Selecting a Carrier Now is the time to choose a carrier. When you enter the following information into a company’s site or software tool, you’ll be given options and charges for the degree of service you want.
  • Processing After you’ve decided on a provider and service, you’ll need to put the information together. This can be as simple as typing the address information into a website.
  • Payment You can pay with your own account if you do have the bank details and authorization. Either can pay cash or use your credit card if you utilize u.s Post Office or a carrier’s retail location.
  • Sealing Place one name inside the box, secure it using semitransparent packing tapes, and put a duplicated label on the box’s largest surface on the outside.
  • The term “hand-off” refers to the process of delivering the item to the carrier. You could either drop it off at a carrier’s location or a dropbox or arrange for it to be picked up by the


  • For specific services, many carriers would provide free packaging. Customers who send things by Express Mail will offer additional boxes and envelopes from the US Postal Service. Or you can choose their express services, all of the other carriers will supply a variety of containers.
  • Using the carrier’s website to ship is less expensive than visiting their counter or shop.
  • If indeed the name outside the box breaks off during shipping, we must create an additional label to place inside the box.
  • You can check the carrier’s website to see where you can drop off your shipment closest to your workplace or home.

Exactly how small is a parcel?

In general, we consider a small parcel to be any shipment that is less than 70 lbs in weight and less than 30 inches in height, width, and depth. As a result, different shipping companies have different restrictions on the dimensions of the packages they accept. UPS and FedEx, for example, allow for larger packages, however, the minimum dimensions for USPS are smaller.

What is the benefit of shipping small parcels for businesses?

For such a variety of reasons, e-commerce companies rely on tiny parcel shipments.

The following are the two most important advantages.

  • It’s a lot easier to keep track of.

You could think that maintaining track of a ton of small parcels is like attempting to keep track of a huge number of pebbles sliding down a hill when you’re sending those across the state.  However, with the correct technology, it’s the exact reverse.

Most e-commerce shipping software uses shipping APIs to link with major carriers, making it simple can monitor loads of tiny parcel shipments.

  • It is more environmentally friendly.

Environmentally shipping and zero-waste delivery are becoming increasingly essential to consumers as the e-commerce business expands globally, which is a good thing. 

How much does it cost?

Transport marketplace solutions Shipping a small package can cost from around $4 to more than $100, depending on the weight of the package, the distance it must travel, and the time it must arrive. Small parcels can be shipped more cheaply if they are lighter and do not need to arrive immediately.

The most cost-effective method of sending packages is determined by the type of package being sent:

  • When sending small, light things in padded mailers, USPS is the cheapest option.
  • When shipping small, heavy objects, USPS flat-rate pricing is the most cost-effective option.
  • Priority Mail is the cheapest way to transport large, light items.
  • Consolidated freight is the most cost-effective way to convey large, heavy commodities.
  • Package carriers will be the most cost-effective option for quick or overnight delivery.

What is the difference between small packages and freight shipping?

Freight transport is used to ship several or big goods on pallets or large containers, whereas small parcel shipping is about sending personalized packages weight less than 70 pounds.

Unless it’s a business-to-business distribution, your clients aren’t likely to request several of the same goods to the same address. Most of the time, you’ll be sending little parcels to a wide range of locations because your consumers come from all over the world.

Unless you’re transporting pallets of parcels or huge items like furniture, freight shipping isn’t necessary unless you have to.

In general, shipments larger than 30″ x 30″ x 30″ or weighing more than 150 lbs. are classified as freight, car transport, whilst shipments less than this are shipped via small package services at a lower cost.

Modes of small parcel delivery transportation

With your small package shipments, there are several alternative methods or modes types of transportation. There are several pick-up and delivery options within each mode, which refers to how long it will take the carrier to deliver your goods like Same-day, next-day, two-day.

  • Domestic

Whether by land or air, is the most popular delivery method for small businesses, with products being delivered across the United States. Ground delivery is the most budgeted way of domestic transportation, taking 1-5 business days to deliver your goods. If you need your products delivered sooner – perhaps or the next day – you should consider air.

  • International

You can also send and receive packages to and from over 200 countries and territories across the world. There are a variety of international service levels available, just as there are for domestic shipping, to guarantee that your items arrive in the timeframe you require.

  • Specialized Services

Specialized services are available. Most carriers now provide a variety of specialized services to satisfy your specific small package delivery requirements. There’s nearly always a service type to match your demands, from temperature-controlled transportation for perishable commodities and elevated services for high-value goods.

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