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Guide to Choosing an International School in Singapore

Singapore is home to many best international schools, but not all are up to the mark. You need to choose the best school for your child as it will help build their foundation, which means you cannot take chances here. Below are some pointers that you need to consider when choosing the best among the wide range of international schools in Singapore.

Top 6 Tips to Consider

  • Accreditation – An accredited international school in Singapore will have a curriculum that matches and articulates specific standards. This process will ensure that the school possesses a positive learning environment and a strategic plan that is mission-driven and has good safety standards. Besides, accreditation will enable students to transfer the credit between schools.
  • Culture – When you visit an international school in Singapore, ask the guide to explain the school’s culture. He/she should be able to offer you a detail about the school’s overall values. Keep your ears and eyes open when you pass through the halls at times of breaks or passing times.
  • Curriculum – The best step will be to choose an international school with a globally recognized curriculum. It will prove beneficial if you have further plans to return to your mother country later on. Remember, your child’s development will rest on the curriculum offered. This said, you should pay utmost attention to the curriculum when you choose an international school in Singapore.
  • The Child’s Needs – Most importantly, you need to consider the needs of your child. Your key priority is to get your kid the finest education possible. But your little one is more concerned about making friends, enjoy, and not get much homework back home. So it is not only the curriculum and accreditation that matters but equally important are your child’s needs.
  • Reviews – Always check the selected school’s reputation. Ensure you pick one that has a good reputation. Also, check for online forums regarding the school to have some idea regarding the school’s reputation. Do not go with an international school that has much negative feedback.
  • Learn about the Academics – The faculty of the school also matters. Thus you must converse as well as know about the staff and academics. Learn whether if their methods, philosophy, and teaching style are ideal for your child. Their experiences and backgrounds are also crucial information.

Besides, see if the faculty is highly committed and passionate about his/her role as an educator. The faculty should not only teach but also inspire and nurture your little one. Some international schools have an academics team that hail from every corner of the world. If you cultivate for your child a global perspective, this diversity will be a big plus.

So next time you search for an international school in Singapore for your child, ensure to follow the tips mentioned above sincerely. This way you can choose the best school and secure your child’s future. All the best!!!

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