Group Exercise is the Fastest Growing Workout Trend: How to Become a Certified Instructor

Do you love to exercise? Do you want to show people the benefits of working out? If so, you may want to consider receiving certification as a group exercise instructor. You can make fitness a new career for yourself. Certifications are available in several designations, including personal training (regular and advanced), sports nutrition, yoga, and strength training.

So, why is a group exercise a good selection?

As a group exercise instructor, you can charge more money and hold classes in several disciplines. You can use your certification as a group instructor for teaching seniors, instructing teens, and leading classes, such as pilates. Group certification training allows you to learn the various methods for setting up group classes and how to motivate students.

Group Fitness Certification Online: How to Begin the Process

To begin training for a group fitness certification online, visit an authorized fitness website first. It will list the certifications to which you can apply. Usually, people who already have fitness training or work as a personal trainer find a group exercise certification highly beneficial.

If you already work one-on-one with clients, group exercise certification allows you to expand your horizons so you can reach out to classes in more socialized settings. Holding group exercise sessions several times a week allows you to instruct more clients, and therefore make more money.

Usually, a class is made up of about 10 people, so you can offer both individual and group instruction simultaneously. Once you sign up for a certification class, you will learn more about the dynamics of group teaching.

Buy the Study Materials

You can buy study materials on a certification site that focuses on group exercise, strength training, and basic anatomy. After buying the required guides, you are ready to begin studying for your certification.

Schedule Study Times

Make sure to set aside at least a couple hours for your study sessions. It is best to divide your sessions over the week. For example, if you plan to set aside 3 hours for studying, schedule one-hour sessions three times a week. Don’t cram 3 hours into one day. Make sure you get into the routine of reading and digesting the material.

Take the Certification Test Online

Once you read the content and have reviewed it, you can take your test online. Usually, the certification covers 75 questions. While you should try to complete the test at 100%, you can still pass, for instance, if you score 75%. In this case, you would get about 55 of the 75 questions correct, which equates to about 20 wrong answers.

Therefore, you must read the study materials thoroughly to ensure you know the content. If you have any questions while studying, write them down and re-review what you read. Don’t move on to the next section until you are sure you understand the current content.

Learn More about Certification Today

Would you like to increase your income as a personal trainer or fitness professional? If so, group certification allows you to realize higher earnings and attract new and ongoing clients. Not only will you make more money, but you can also scale your fitness career so you can always follow the latest trends.

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