GoGoPDF Guide: Journey To Merging PDF With Ease

The electronic document may come in different formats, but all of those formats correspond with its unique advantage for you to configure a document. Although most individuals prefer to use Portable Document Format for their documents, you will still another type of format to effectively use an electronic document for everyday online activities.

Hence, having a helping hand that can help you get across different formats is essential to utilize every format’s potential. One good example is an online PDF converter tool that allows you to convert from formats to formats.


GoGoPDF is an online platform that can help you across though different kinds of document formats. People famously know them as a reliable online PDF conversion tool that can convert PDF into another format or vise versa where you can convert another format into PDF.

It has a huge list of functions for your everyday conversion needs. These functions are PDF merge, Split PDF, PDF Reader, Edit PDF, Unlock PDF, Rotate PDF, Delete PDF Pages, Add WaterMark, eSign PDF, Repair PDF, Protect PDF, Share Documents, and many more. All of those functions that we have mentioned can be found on a single website.

From what you can see, GoGoPDF prioritizes your convenience. All of these functions found in a single website are done to help every individual have a go-to website for their online conversion needs. Here is a detailed explanation of some of the functions that are mostly use in their website.

Merge PDF

The functions of GoGoPDF allows you to merge several documents into a single document. One reason why this function is essential is, for some instances, that you want to print several PDF documents, you will need to visit every document one by one to print it. While on the other hand, if you merge them all into one, you can print them all at once with convenience.

Split PDF

If you can merge all your documents into one, it also allows you to split them all into several documents. One reason for this is when you need to share a specific page with a colleague or a friend. Another reason is when you only need a particular page for your study, which gives you a smaller file size than downloading the full PDF.

PDF Reader

PDFReader is a tool that helps you display, print, and share your PDF online. Although most desktops and devices nowadays have a built-in PDFReader, it is still a recommended move to use GoGoPDF Reader for certain advantages you can have.

Edit PDF

As we all know, potable document format does not allow you to edit a document. One of its remarkable features is to display the exact format or overall content that the publisher wants you to read. Hence, the importance of having a tool that can help you edit your PDF. You can configure or add shapes, text, images depending on your satisfaction.

Unlock PDF

Sometimes you might encounter a PDF that you can’t access because of having encryption, password, or permission from its publisher. It might take you a lot of time if you wait for the publisher’s permission to access a specific document. Hence, having a function that can unlock a PDF comes in handy in situations like this one.

Rotate PDF

You might encounter a specific page that has a different position, like portrait and landscape. It is not advisable to pass your documents with a rumbled positioning and cause a headache for the readers. Hence, having a function in which you can rotate a PDF is vital for our online activities, thanks to the help of GoGoPDF.

Delete PDF Pages

As you browse into your PDF, you might find some irregularities or unwanted features that you want to edit or delete from your document. That is why GoGoPDF made sure to have a function that will allow you to delete PDF pages with simple and straightforward steps. You can delete pages from your document within minutes by just following four easy steps.


All of those functions that we have mention correspond to different types of advantages you can utilize. Hence, having an online PDF converter is an essential tool to have during this online generation for you to use every document format in its full potential to give you an edge in configuring documents.

If you still don’t know how to use an online PDF converter, visit their website, and get hook with the fast and quality conversion experience of a lifetime.

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