Gift Ideas: Choosing Unique Birthstone Jewellery.

Everyone likes jewellery, irrespective of what they say. Customised jewellery is always a winner because they are always much more thoughtful. When you are thinking about gifting someone customised jewellery, you need to first be aware of their preferences and allergies- because some people might be allergic to certain metals or have preferences when it comes to certain kinds of jewellery. However, you can absolutely never go wrong with choosing birthstone jewellery.

A lot of people have a very important emotional connection with their birthstones. It is something intensely personal for most people, and this choice of gift shows how much you care for someone. Gifting your loved one uniquely designed birthstone jewellery reaffirms your intimacy and trust, and ticks all the boxes.

Here is a guide to choosing the right birthstone based on the month when your loved one was born.

  1. January- Garnet.

This is a softer gem, so it should ideally be incorporated into earrings or neckpieces. They can be used in rings too but it should be designed well enough so that the stone does not loosen up. Garnet usually pairs up well with rubies.

  • February- Amethyst.

This light purple stone is very well known for its soft yet powerful appeal. This is also a soft stone so it should be paired with earrings and necklaces. Amethyst can be used with diamonds to provide a beautiful contrast.

  • March- Aquamarine.

Aquamarine is a versatile stone that can be paired with many different kinds of jewels such as diamonds, opals and sapphires. It is also quite durable; hence it can be used in many kinds of jewellery. Aquamarine is paired with gold ornaments very often to create a complementary look.

  • April- Diamond.

You can customise diamonds in an endless capacity. Diamond is extremely hard, so it can be designed into any kind of jewellery with no fear of breaking. Diamonds can be paired with gold or platinum based on the preference of the person.

  • May- Emerald.

Emeralds are well known for representing royalty and luxury. Because of their unique colour, emeralds can pair well with diamonds. They are however, extremely brittle, hence they should ideally be used in necklaces and earrings.

  • June- Pearl.

Known for their everlasting elegance, pearls represent purity. Pearls come in many different colours, hence they can be chosen from among a bigger pool. They pair well with almost all kinds of jewellery.

  • July- Ruby.

Rubies pair very well with diamonds, since the differences in the colour looks beautiful from a distance. Rubies can be paired with most kinds of jewellery.

  • August- Peridot.

This is a soft stone that is light green in colour and can be used in necklaces and earrings. People born in August can also be gifted sardonyx, although it is considerably more difficult to be cut to fit into jewellery.

  • September- Sapphire.

This beautiful blue stone is quite hard and resistant in nature, so it can be paired with many different kinds of jewellery. Sapphires match well with darker looking stones.  

  1. October- Opal.

Opal is an extremely soft stone; hence it cannot be designed to fit into all kinds of jewellery. The one advantage of buying opal is that it is quite affordable.

  1. November- Topaz/Citrine.

People born in November can choose between Topaz and Citrine, whichever matches better with their personality and demeanour.

  1. December- Turquoise.

This stone is also freely available at an affordable price in most places, hence you would not have to spend a fortune to gift your loved one something that is embossed with topaz

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