Get Your Hands on the Best Professional Scrum Master™ Course Online!

Attend a 2-day Professional Scrum Master ™ certification course now and you can easily become an expert on the Scrum framework. Learn how the Scrum framework employs observation and experimentation, rather than detailed planning, to tackle the dynamics of a risky work environment.

What are the skills to become a Professional Scrum Master ™?

Our course covers everything that is expected from a Professional Scrum Master; be it planning product distribution, mastering the art of servant leadership, and understanding the intricacies of building the most amazing team.

The course modules and materials have been self-picked by Ken Schwaber, the co-founder of Scrum; so be sure to capture the blended learning experience of the flavor of the Scrum and Agile revolution that it offers.

The Professional Scrum Master™ certification is an honor that Scrum provides to all its users who have undergone an official training and passed a subsequent exam that showcases their mastery. KnowledgeHut is a Professional Training Network (PTN) member of Scrum.

A PSM knows how to cut their way through advanced leadership tactics, where you serve, not lead. A Professional Scrum Master is also a pro in dealing with real-world complexities of projects using his expertise.

Top features of the PSM™ course

  • Live virtual training by our guides for 2 days
  • Modules and materials approved by Scrum co-founder
  • Real-world project handling
  • Access to worksheets and exams (no additional fee)
  • Achieve 16 PDU and 16 SEU credits

Why should you get the Professional Scrum Master certification?

Agile is the iterative approach about 98% of the companies use for systematic project management and faster software development, out of which more than half use the Scrum framework (which is a subset of Agile).

This makes the roles of Agile and Scrum masters highly demanding, so much that the World Economic Forum states it as one of the top ten most promising roles when it comes to the market for product development. This course might be just what you need to monetize your Scrum skills in this ever-growing market demand.

Advantages of taking the PSM™ course

  • Credentials of 1000s of Agile and Scrum certified professionals
  • Learn from the best of the Scrum trainers from the organization itself
  • Continual support with worksheets, chapters, videos, interactive sessions
  • Real-world projects and hands-on workshops for exploration
  • Mentorship from qualified PSMs (personalized sessions), even 6 months post-training

Just 3 steps to PSM™ certification

  1. Register yourself through one of the PTN members of, and attend the 2-day long training
  2. Once the course ends, you will be provided with an exam link. Take the 1-hour exam where you need to score 85% at least.
  3. Download the PSM™ certificate, and voila! You are a Professional Scrum Master now.

Minimum eligibility criteria

Well, there’s none! Though a basic understanding of Scrum/Agile would be nice, it isn’t a mandate.

PSM™ course is perfect for-

  • Software developer/managers
  • Project Manager
  • Product owner
  • Scrum master/team member

Hurry! Register now and grab your chance to be the best Professional Scrum Master in the business.

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