Gabrielle Union Praises Jazmine Sullivan – Check out What He Had to Say about Her

Gabrielle Union shared a new post in which she is praising another lady. Check out what she has to say about Jazmine Sullivan below.

Today’s #WCW has a voice that soothes, heals, inspires, and at times, motivates to break someone’s windows, @jazminesullivan. She has gotten me thru the darkness and spoke truth to the pain. This R&B star has been given the honour of performing the National Anthem at the Super Bowl this weekend, and I can already feel in my bones that she will LIGHT up our screens. Jazmine has 12 Grammy nominations under her belt and remains humble and authentic to her art. She comes from a lineage of female creators – her grandmother was a poet and church evangelist, and her mother wrote plays – so it no surprise that creativity exudes from her. Take notice, folks! Let us lift her up in the light of goodness and hold her there,’ Gabrielle said.

Someone commented: ‘Yes!! Well deserved. She is not given enough recognition. Love her!! and another follower posted this: ‘So happy she’s finally receiving her well-deserved roses

One commenter wrote: ‘Lovely stated thank you for acknowledging this gem kind lady and another followewr said this: ‘Her voice is so soothing, unique and simply amazing.’

A follower posted: ‘When it feels like you been waitin’ all your life for this second You’d be a fool to just let it pass, so go and get it Don’t matter near or far, to the moon, the stars I’ll do whatever I need to follow my dreams .’

Someone else said: ‘Yep! All of this!!! Give @jazminesullivan all the flowers and another follower posted this message: ‘A voice of a goddess here to save us from all of our pain

A follower posted this: ‘Beautiful kids the boy looks like your husband, and the girl looks like candy.’

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