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Furry Animals: Man’s Best Friend

Love and empathy are two emotions that are a sign of highly developed emotional senses in humans and other animals. Generally, the bond of love is only experienced by species with genetic connections like the parent species and the offspring.

Care extends towards the offspring as it is a form of natural protection that is needed for the survival of the species.

But in the case of some animals, especially mammals that have evolved through the barriers of mental aspects like ego, love is an emotion that can be extended to other species and helps in creating deep emotional bonds.

Dogs and humans are seen to develop very deep and meaningful emotional connections that can be of great benefit to both species. Sadly, many people are not careful towards dogs and animal abuse is widespread. Dog donations, foster care, and adoption can help these loving creatures live a happy life.


Apart from being very loving creatures that are sometimes even more sensitive to the emotional needs of humans than other fellow human beings, there are some practical benefits of owning a dog as a pet:

  • MORNING AND EVENING WALKS: Since dogs need to go for walks frequently, their two-legged owners must accompany them at least once or twice a day outside. This means fresh air and healthy physical activity for both the dog as well as their owners.

Getting engaged in physical activity frequently has various health benefits like dealing with stress, keeping the heart-healthy, and even managing blood sugar levels.

  • BEST FOR CHILDREN: if there are children in the house, a dog can be a big blessing for their growth, and the presence of children can also entertain the dog and provide love and care to them.

Having dogs in the house can enhance the growth of children helping them with mental development especially in the case of specially-abled kids. Having pets at home can also help children learn responsibility as the animals need constant attention from their owners.

  • SIXTH SENSE: many animals and mammals have very highly developed senses and neural networks to produce stimuli. But many animals unlike human beings can even sense and experience other wavelengths that are invisible to us.

This makes them more sensitive to other ways of knowing things that we cannot experience. Some people call it sixth sense or intuition. In many cases, dogs have been known to literally save the lives of their owners.

For example, dogs can sense the development of tumors inside the body and can alarm their owners for an early diagnosis. In other cases, dogs have been seen to sense the arrival of a newborn or sense if there is something wrong with them.


Although dogs are very friendly and compassionate, some species of dogs are known to be very good with humans and lead a domestic life. Here are some species which are commonly brought home by people around the world:

  • LABRADOR RETRIEVER: this dog species has a medium built and very advanced senses. It is a great choice for pets in houses with visually impaired or disabled people.
  • GERMAN SHEPHERD: German shepherd protection dogs for sale are largely built species of dogs that may look scary but are actually very gentle and caring. Due to their loyal and hardworking nature, people also keep german shepherds as guard dogs for protection as they are very protective of their territory and family.
  • YORKSHIRE TERRIER: they are one of the cutest pups in the world. They require less time to be trained and are also safe for people with allergies.
  • SAINT BERNARD: one of the most hugely built dog species, they grow up to be bigger than other dogs. But in spite of their building, they are actually one of the most loving and caring dog breeds in the world.


Even though dogs are one of the loveliest creatures on the planet and a blessing to us, people these days are very insensitive towards their needs and many people harm stray dogs and abandon their pets if they become old or sick.

As cruel as it sounds, in reality, it is even worse. Thankfully, many animal shelters provide the necessary care and medication to various animals throughout the world but they are always short of funds.

These institutions rely on dog donations, volunteering by people to help take care of the animals in the shelters, and foster care. We must do our part and help these furry creatures lead a life without abuse.

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