From patient to medical doctor: Here's how Dr.Yosef Alhasany dealt with his own battles

From patient to medical doctor: Here’s how Dr.Yosef Alhasany dealt with his own battles

When we look at great role models, we know that they have experienced their own battles in order to become the strong individuals that they are today. Dr.Yosef Alhasany ( Dr. Yousef Khaled Fuad Hasan ) is a medical doctor that has dealt with his own battles of major depression, general anxiety disorder, panic attacks and OCD.

“I’ve been battling with them before I got introduced to the forms of therapy that I adopted and I created my own psychoanalytic medical realistic approach.” He says.

The reality of mental health disorders

According to WHO, over 264 million people around the world of all ages suffer from depression. It can affect the way people live and can cause mood fluctuations, as well as short-lived emotional responses. Severe depression is seen as a serious health condition and can affect the person’s surroundings.

Anxiety is also a form of disorder for the same amount of people globally. In fact, it has been estimated that at least 31% of adults have experienced anxiety at some point in their lives. However, it is actually more common for women to experience anxiety rather than men. According to Our World Data, in 2018 it was recorded that 63% of women from around the world have suffered from anxiety, whereas it was only 37% for men.

But that doesn’t mean that it’s uncommon for men to suffer from disorders. Unfortunately, it is known that it’s harder for men to open up about their problems and real issues, which is why they end up resorting to alcohol instead of speaking to healthcare providers. However, that wasn’t the case for Dr.Yosef Alhasany, for he handled it differently.

How he battled his disorders

When facing and battling with the disorders he had over the years, he realized that there 

was no actual treatment. “I didn’t believe in typical psychiatrists’ way of dragging people and I see like it’s a superficial materialistic approach that has nothing to do with reality and it doesn’t truly heal. I believe that it actually masks the symptoms.” he explained.

In regards to regular cognitive behavioural therapy, he does believe it’s good, but it has lots of limitations.The certified medical doctor pointed out that 12 sessions is not enough and it actually doesn’t dig deep into the roots of the issues. This is why he adopted the psychoanalytic realistic medical approach.

How he treats his patients

What Dr. Yosef Alhasany does is that he analyzes what happened in the person’s childhood and any issues, as well as the psychological complexes and any emotional suppression. He explained that, “I start by dissecting the issues and see how the “fake self” was made up and how the mind is truly operating. I then try to make the person conscious of those issues and it’s a very long term form of therapy.”

This is the same approach that the trained Cognitive Behavioural therapist used for himself and helped battle his depression and anxiety. The certified Psychoanalyst graduated from medical school, but had a different attitude towards therapy, by wanting to break the barriers of materialism and superficiality. What inspired him to look into the perspective of originality, was a quote that he had read from his friend that said “where is the glory in doing what someone else has already done.”

He has always stuck to wanting originality and resulted in creating his own form of therapy, after receiving help from mentors. As he was on his own journey, he realized that psychoanalysis is the foundation to true healing even though at one point in his past he believed that there wasn’t any real therapy available in the world.

Dr. Yosef Alhasany likes to offer online advice to his patients and uses social media as a source in order to connect with people daily. He’s also held over 20 seminars in countries and cities such as Dubai, Qatar, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia. 

In order to help people battle with their own problems in their everyday lives, he has conducted online programs that focus on relationships, psychological issues and even medical issues. The certified relationship coach will also be releasing a book soon.

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