Floor scrubbers, also known as automatic scrubbing machines, provide the most efficient ways to clean floors in any place, primarily commercial and industrial, maintaining clean environments where manual cleaning is difficult to do. Floor scrubbing machine pricing in Kenya depends on the brand and features of the machine; hence they vary.

Floor Scrubbing Machines

They are cleaning machines used to effectively and efficiently clean floors. They replace the traditional buckets and mops, and they work by applying cleaning detergent and scrub aggressively and dry the surfaces in one pass.

They also work by stirring up dirt, breaking it up, then surround it and suck it up. Floor machine scrubbers have a wide range of use, including cleaning a large combination of liquids, materials, and textures on different floor types.

Floor Scrubbing Machine Features

There are various features an individual can consider when in need of purchasing a floor scrubbing machine. The features provide one with an idea of how a scrubbing machine will perform as per the cleaning task.

The specifications will give the customer a clear picture of the item as the manufacturer has projected it for use. There are various quality floor scrubbing machines available in the market with different features and pricing based on the features and tasks.

A good floor scrubber is user-friendly and easy to operate without consuming much time and reduceslabor costs. They are made of powerful motors using modern technology in aid of ensuring durability and efficiency. Best floor scrubbing machine price in Kenya are available online, and one can browse and choose there based on cost friendliness and features.

What to Consider When Purchasing a Floor Scrubbing Machine

  1. The cleaning path and the size of the floor scrubber. The scrubbers have a range of cleaning paths that is fifteen inches to 38 inches though the most common is in the field of 20 to 24 inches.
  2. The power source is another essential thing to consider. Battery-powered auto scrubbers are the most common and give users versatility in terms of how far they can clean up. However, some of them are corded; hence limited movement though is cheap than the battery-powered ones.
  3. Machine operation. Most of the scrubbers are pushed from behind to propel it forward and have speed control of that motion. Some are fully ride-on operations; therefore, a person sits or stands on it and steers the scrubber which propels itself.
  4. The size of the machine helps determine the size of the tank; hence one can articulate how much cleaning solution and dirty pickup it can carry onboard. It helps in determining the square footage it can cover in a given time.
  5. Brush formats. There are two brush types on a floor scrubber: a circular one that runs flat and a cylindrical one that runs perpendicular.

Hard Floor Cleaner Machine

There are a set of scrubby machines which remove stains from tile floors or other hard floors. A soft-touch microfiber floor scrubbing machine is used to clean hardwood floors and is also available in the market.

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