Five Tips to Maintaining Weight Loss

Losing weight is often an arduous journey for many people. Most people wish that keeping the weight off does not have to feature top among their priorities. People who have lost a great deal of weight may find themselves falling back to unhealthy patterns such as overeating, barely exercising, or eating the wrong kinds of food. Seema Chaudhary MD has worked with clients who have successfully lost weight and need to stay on this path. Below are valuable tips on how to maintain your new weight for the long haul.

Start with breakfast

No matter what the naysayers will tell you, scientific research surmises that breakfast is an integral meal that sets the tone for the day. People who prioritize breakfast are more inclined to eat healthy meals throughout the day than those who skip the first meal. Incorporate plenty of fiber and macronutrients, for instance, low-fat yogurt coupled with granola and topped with berries.

Consume fiber-laden meals

Apart from a healthy breakfast, you need to consciously prepare meals with high levels of fiber to support your weight loss journey. Ensure your average meal has foods such as vegetables, whole grains, legumes, and fruits. Consuming plenty of fiber prevents you from overeating calories, especially empty calories like desserts, soda, muffins, etc. These meals have added sugars and solid fats that don’t serve your purpose of keeping excess weight.

Smaller meal portions

Overeating without realizing it is pretty standard, and this lousy habit only serves to pile up calories. You need to eat the required amount of food to support metabolic processes so your body functions optimally. To achieve this goal, consider eating five small meals throughout the day or just three sizable meals; breakfast, lunch and dinner. If you have an accountability partner, ask them to remind you to serve smaller portions per meal, or you could get a smaller bowl or plate.

Regular exercise

Going out for a walk around the neighborhood or running in the morning or evening helps keep your body active. It is not always easy to exercise, and many people fail to maintain this routine because they lack planning. Try hitting the gym first thing in the morning, or carry your workout gear to work so you can exercise after clocking out. These simple steps make it harder to skip a workout session.

Handling setbacks

The above weight loss solutions notwithstanding, you are bound to encounter failure here and there. Perhaps the numbers on the scale are not ideal, or you have skipped the gym for an entire week. Our weight loss experts will advise you that growth is not linear; the curve will go up and down, but that shouldn’t discredit the gains you have made thus far.

There are many tried and true methods of maintaining weight loss, and the results can vary from person to person. Consult with your qualified doctor to advise you on best achieving your goals factoring in your current weight, underlying health conditions, and lifestyle choices. In the end, staying on course is vital even when the outcomes are not pleasing, and it doesn’t hurt to get an accountability partner.

About Practice

Nova Physician Wellness Center aims to help you live a healthier lifestyle, improve your health, and achieve your weight loss objectives. Dr. Seema Chaudhary and Dr. Rohit Suri work alongside their competent staff to provide compassionate care to women, men, and children above twelve years in Leesburg, and Fairfax Virginia. With more than one decade of expertise in obesity management, you can be sure the team can address all your weight issues.

Nova Physician Wellness Center offers a top standard of weight management, taking a wholesome approach to healthcare. Both doctors are experienced weight loss specialists and board-certified in obesity medicine. Their commendations also include being board-certified family physicians and fourteen years’ experience.

Dr. Suri designs customized treatment plans incorporating medical, exercise, and nutrition therapies that are most befitting to your unique physique. Being a preventive medicine expert and obesity specialist, Dr. Chaudhary can help you attain the healthiest weight and wellness and reduce cardiovascular risk factors.

Focusing not just on your weight but also your overall wellness is their mission. Obesity comes attached with numerous increased health complications, including sleep apnea, diabetes, and heart disease.

Available Services

Your elite panel at Nova Physician Wellness offers a full range of quality services customized to your individual needs. its range of services include:

  •       Nutritional Wellness Specialist- With the right diet plan, you can make a big difference in your weight and overall wellness. If you are concerned about your diet, contact Nova Physician Wellness Center for personalized nutritional counseling.
  •       Obesity Treatment Specialist- Obesity exposes you to numerous fatal health complications such as diabetes, hypertension, and heart disease. Your physician at Nova Wellness regularly treats obesity by reducing harmful body fat to regain a healthier you.
  •       Weight Loss Specialist- Weight loss counseling incorporates emotional and mental health issues that can hinder weight loss. Thanks to his experience in obesity medicine, Dr. Suri understands your cravings, mindset, and behavior towards food can impact your weight loss. Contact Nova Physician Wellness Center to discover the benefits of weight loss counseling.
  •       Wellness Specialist- Ready to experience more vitality and energy? Whether you seek to lose weight or incorporate better health habits, your expert physicians can help. Contact the practice for comprehensive wellness care.
  •       Exercise Plans Specialist- Regular exercise is a basic part of any efficient weight loss program. Dr. Rohit provides customized exercise plans tailored to meet your personal weight plans and improve your overall wellness.
  •       Pediatric Weight Loss Specialist- Pediatric obesity keeps rising. Luckily, Dr. Suri offers superior weight management services to children and adolescents aged twelve years and above. Contact Nova Physician Wellness Center for a pediatric weight loss plan tailored to suit your kid’s individual needs.

Bottom Line

It’s a good opportunity to start your weight loss program for your overall good health. Contact Nova Physician Wellness Center for a practical treatment solution. Call the offices today or book using the online scheduler.

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