FIFA 21 Skill Moves Tutorial – Useful 1- 3 Star Skill Moves In FIFA Ultimate Team

There are more than 100 skill moves in FIFA 21, many people are worry about which skill should we pick. Or should we learn all of them? In order to help you save more time & FUT Coins and use skills efficiently, we will detail you the most effective skill moves in FIFA 21. In this FIFA 21 skill moves Guide, we’ll share you top 5 skill moves which will make a huge difference in certain in-game situations.

Multiple Ball Roll

They are great to use in medications on the pitch. First off adjust the cut in and find pass in the box or also a round defender when you’re on the wing. Usually the magic number is to make you two borrows but sometimes you can also make it 3-4 even more to go here. The full way around the defender and really make him dizzy, it is a great move which is really controlled and it’s quite simple to do as well. All you have to do is to just hold that right stick in a 90 degree angle of the way that you’re facing. In this case it will be right just like this, you see that he will do these multiple ball rolls and to make a full 360, just have to keep on holding it and make a small twist here, a small tweak to make this full 360 motions. Sometimes you will do steppers instead.

L1 + Croqueta

It is just a unreal way here to perform this move and make it very rapid and this is great to use to just stop the ball quickly in the box and make this a very fast and rapid cricketer motion and this can also be done with a fake shell stop. If you do this with L1, it goes way quicker and is also more subtle and if you do this in quick succession, opponent will have a very hard time so it looks like this so just the L1 button here LB to stop the ball and then just stop and cricket stop croqueta and to make this work, you must release the left stick when pressing down L1 like this release and then croqueta and this L1 stop will always make the player stop the ball and face the target. 

So you can just be like this turned away from the goal just quickly L1 and right into this cricket motion. It is very useful and can really catch your opponent off guard. 

Half Drag + Scoop

You could also do this with elastico as well. It is a great move to use in a very crowded space, you just make this half drive back to bait him forward to make him lunge forward and then you just strike with this surprising and erratic scoop turn, it is really a great combination which can give you some very beautiful goals, and to make this work you must first perform with a 2-star drag back which is both bumpers L1 R1 and then just make this half motion to get the half drag back. If you make a full motion with a left stick, it will turn out to do a full drawback, just go back and release. He will make this half drag back motion. And after doing this half drag back just a scoop turn which is the fake shot followed by aim with the left stick either left or right. So combination looks like this half drive back into scoop turn beautiful.

Tactical Stop + Elastico 

It is a great to use here to just make this perfect layup for the elastico motion which is very rapid. Still good after the patch as well and especially great to use here on the wing to get the perfect layup before this motion around the defender and from here you can just get this to tap in either pass or schult. 

You can also use this on the first time as well on one touch to just get simply the perfect layout before a very dangerous move very rapid and unpredictable as well. And to make a tactical fake shot stop, you just have to hold down all one while making a fake shot and deciding exit angle with the left stick. You can always decide how to posture your body and then elastico just one eighty motion from right to left side. Elastico and reverse is the opposite the motion simply from left to right, it is a 5-star skill move.

Flick Up + Juggle

Juggle is a quite simple move and also frankly it is quite broken. It is hard to stop you just distort to juggle and the opponent will start to panic and you can combine this either with some instant volley or just go all the way towards the net. It is very effective and this one is a 2-star skill move, just press down into the right analog stick to get this flick up and then just keep on pressing it to make these juggles. And to move at the same time just have to move around with elastic to get this juggling motion which is very hard to stop. So just the spam or three just click it and click it while moving with the left stick and you can see that it is very smooth and very accurate.
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