Famous Ruby Engagement Rings That Will Inspire You

Famous Ruby Engagement Rings That Will Inspire You

Celebrity engagement rings are almost always about the diamonds. Enormous, sparkling diamonds. But are there any celebrities that strayed from this path? Are there any that said “yes” to rubies?

Of course, there are! See which celebrities are wearing resplendent ruby rings and find out how you can get one of your own.

Where to Get a Ruby Ring

So, where can you get ruby engagement rings? Finding beautiful rings with coloured gemstones can feel challenging when most large jewellery chains focus on bright white diamonds. Instead of hoping that you’ll find a strong selection at one of these chains, go to a local custom jeweller. A custom jeweller like Alexis Gallery will offer an exceptional selection of gemstones from sapphires to morganite to bright red rubies for you to browse through.

Plus, a custom jeweller can help you design your ring so that it perfectly matches your style and budget. So, if you want to have a ring like one of these stars, they can help you make that happen.

The Stars That Love Their Ruby Rings

Jessica Simpson

Singer and fashion designer Jessica Simpson sports a five-carat ruby engagement ring with two pear-shaped diamond side stones on a yellow gold band. Jessica received this gorgeous ring from former NFL player Eric Johnson after six months of dating. That was in 2010. The two are still together and have three kids.

Ashlee Simpson

Loving rubies just might be genetic! Jessica Simpson’s younger sister Ashlee also sports a ruby engagement ring. The singer’s ring is made up of white diamonds and bright red rubies, all in an eye-catching Art Deco design. She received the ring from actor and musician Evan Ross in 2014. They’re still married and have had two children together. 

Eva Longoria

Actress Eva Longoria received a jaw-dropping ruby engagement ring surrounded by a halo of white diamonds. Her beau, José Antonio Bastón, proposed in 2015 during their vacation to Dubai. The pair married in 2016. They have a son together, along with three children from Bastón’s previous marriage.

Katy Perry

Singer Katy Perry has a dazzling ruby ring in the shape of a flower. The centre stone is surrounded by diamonds that look like petals. She received the ring from actor Orlando Bloom, who popped the question on Valentine’s Day 2019. Perry gave birth to their first child — who they named Daisy Bloom —a year later. It seems that the pair really loves their flowers.

Victoria Beckham

You may be surprised to find out that singer and fashion designer Victoria Beckham has received not one, not two, but fifteen engagement rings from David Beckham. The two have been married for 21 years and have been updating her ring collection since 1998. In 2009, he gave her a ring with a massive ruby center stone surrounded by white diamonds.

Elizabeth Taylor

Hollywood legend Elizabeth Taylor was famous for her brilliant jewellery collection. One of the most incredible pieces in her collection was a ruby ring that she received as a Christmas present from Richard Burton, who promised to find her the most perfect ruby in the world. The ring sported an 8 carat Puertas ruby surrounded by eight diamonds on a gold band. This may not be an engagement ring, but it’s definitely worth an honourable mention.

You don’t have to get a diamond engagement ring. If you want a bright red ruby sitting on your finger, then you should get it!

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