Essential Tips to Improve the Quality of Laser Cutting Machines

With so many machines continuously used at a warehouse, it somehow affects their quality. The efficiency further depreciates when there is no one to look after the maintenance of your machines at the warehouse. Laser cutting or metal cutting machines is one of them.

Before I get to the point of explaining various factors that can affect the quality of the laser cutting machines in your factories, let me ask you a fundamental question. How often do you all maintain, clean, inspect or upgrade your laser cutting machines? Not just laser cutting machines but other as well.

Here is why maintaining your laser cutting machine can improve its overall quality and productivity

Many expert warehouses that deal in metal cutting or laser cutting keeps the maintenance of their machines at a lowers end. It surely does affect the machines. Talking about laser cutting devices, if they are not checked regularly, or their faults are not corrected from time to time, the cutting quality will fall. You can see a huge difference between the cut when the machine was new and after several years of use. Here are the reasons why laser cutting machines fail even before their prescribed expiry-

1) Not following the prescribed lens cleaning procedure- Since the laser lens is used to cut various materials, the debris gets collected on the lens, forming a thin layer. This thin layer if not removed or cleaned regularly and thoroughly affects the cutting shape. However, many people do stick to cleaning their lens regularly, but are they following the right cleaning technique or right cleansing agent?

Professional CNC Warehouse machine store owners can help in how to maintain the lens quality with the right style of cleaning. It is a twostep procedure where a considerable amount of cleaner is used to clean the lens, followed by polishing the lens with gentle tapping. To note, do follow the mentioned guidelines.

2) Not paying attention to centralising the laser jet- The laser jet plays a significant role in directing the laser in the right direction for cutting the metal. It must be centred with time to time after usage.

3) Not focusing the laser optics- If you have upgraded your laser cutting machines to the modern ones then there is no need for you to adjust the focus of laser machine after certain cutting cycles. If you are working with the traditional one, check it timely.

Besides maintenance, here are the three most important factors that enhance the quality of laser cutting machines-

1) Surface Thickness- Surface thickness has a bigger role to play. If the metal sheets are thin, the laser cuts easily and neatly. If the metal sheets are thick, the cut is not neat and excessive laser beam is required that consumes more energy.

2) Laser Intensity- Laser intensity is a crucial factor since the surface you choose to cut plays a major role in affecting the machine. If the sheets are heavy and thick, high power laser machines must be used else low-intensity laser machines.

3) Technology Usage- With the trends in technology, you can come across modern laser cutting machines, that are low maintenance and easy to use. For instance, fibre laser offers high cutting speed as compared to the traditional laser cutting machines.

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