Essential Oils for Tantric Massage

One of the key ingredients to any successful tantric massage is the massage oil that is sued. Here we look at some of the most commonly used oils, to help with a great overall massage experience:

Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil is one that is very commonly used for tantric massage. One of the reasons for this, is that its absorbed well into the body, is tolerated by most people of all skin types, and also has a very slippery texture. There are two main types here: fractionated and non-fractionated. The non-fractionated version is more slippery, whereas some prefer a less slippery oil, depending on the type of massage.

Another reason people like to use Coconut oil, is that it absorbs and moisturizes well, and doesn’t give that greasy feeling like other traditional oils. Some studies have also found that Coconut Oil can help with inflammation, and skin protection.

Sweet Almond Oil

This is becoming ore popular for modern massage, and the Sweet Almond Oil is a very pale yellow colour. It has an oily texture, which promotes that easy gliding across the body, making for a seriously exotic tantric massage. It doesn’t absorb too quickly into the body, and therefore the massage therapist doesn’t have to keep on applying more during the course of the massage. Being non-allergenic, it’s also said to be perfectly fine for most skin types.

Having said that it’s probably worth asking your client if they have any nut allergies first – if so, it might be worth switching to a different oil.

Jojoba Oil

This massage oil is actually a ‘wax’ that is extracted directly from the Jojoba plant seed. It’s said to be a very good choice for those with acne issues, due to its strong antibacterial properties. It’s also one that can be tolerated by most skin types, and additionally lasts well over time.

Another great thing about Jojoba oil is that you don’t need to worry about it causing stains on fabrics. You can easily use a basic detergent with some hot water on any cotton etc. to remove easily. This means any bed sheets can be easily cleaned after the massage session without worrying about leaving stains behind.

Finally, one of the plus points about using Jojoba Oil for tantric massage is that is washes off extremely easily. Your massage client will feel refreshed and rejuvenated after a session with Jojoba, and certainly won’t be desperate for a shower, like with many of the traditional massage oils. In summary, you may choose a different massage oil for different clients depending on their skin tone, complexion and overall requirements. Some clients will of course have their own preference too, but these are a few of the more popular massage oils of 2020!

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