EMDR Therapy: How It Is Helping People With Panic And Anxiety Attacks In Singapore

Panic attacks are one of the worst sensations one can feel. They cause anxiety, sweating, chest pain, nausea, increased heartbeat and much more all at once. Several causes can trigger panic attacks and if not treated properly, they can affect your daily life quite badly. 

However, given the lifestyle of people in Singapore, they are more prone to have panic attacks or other anxiety disorders. This is because the busy schedule of people in Singapore hardly gives them enough time to relax. The pressure of the work might be the single most contributive factor of having panic attacks. The best thing to do here, therefore, is to go for EMDR therapy. 

EMDR is highly effective in treating people who suffer from psychological problems like anxiety disorder or panic attacks. 

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) is a technique commonly used by psychotherapists to treat serious problems. EMDR in Singapore is helping many people to cope with various psychological problems including panic attacks. 

If you, too, are suffering from frequent panic attacks which are interfering with your daily life, then it is important to know more about EMDR in Singapore. 

How Does EMDR Work?

The idea behind EMDR is that the traumatic memories of the past make significant changes in the way our brain works. The way we are associating with a particular memory or situation causes us different sensations. In the same manner, with the traumatic memories, we undergo mental suffering which eventually gives rise to problems like anxiety, depression and of course, panic attacks. 

What EMDR therapy does is that during the process if an individual recalls those traumatic memories, it recalibrates the memories in a new order. This way, the effect of traumatic memories are rendered more or less ineffective. 

People who have opted for EMDR in Singapore have found this therapy quite effective in coping with their deepest fears and traumas. 

How EMDR Helps People?

Many people in Singapore have benefited from taking EMDR therapy. It really helps them in getting over the repressed traumas they were having for so long.  

EMDR in Singapore helps people in the following ways:

The Talking Therapy

People who take EMDR in Singapore have significantly benefited from the talks they have with the therapist. Panic attacks are largely related to some kind of repressed fear which cannot be explained in all its rational sense. However, a therapist understands this very well and thereby comforts the patient regarding the same.

Case Study 

The case study method has been one of the most effective ways in which EMDR in Singapore has been able to address the problems the people were facing. As the busy life of the inhabitants of Singapore absorbs so much at once, they may not know what exactly is triggering their anxiety disorder or panic attack. But with the help of EMDR therapy, every phase of a person’s history is studied carefully. Whether it is something from childhood or an event that took place a week back, all is duly noted. Based on this verbal communication, EMDR therapists try to understand what the patient might be going through.

Eye Movement and Cognitive Therapy

People who undergo severe panic attacks or anxiety manifest the symptoms as well. This bothers them all the more. In EMDR therapy, the first thing the therapist does is study the physical symptoms associated with psychological problems. They provide relief to the patients by providing cognitive therapy and eye movements. These methods abet the symptoms to a good extent.

Help From Positive Memories

The negative memories which you go through either need to be eliminated or replaced. The therapists who employ EMDR in Singapore try to replace the negative memories of the patient with more positive ones. By doing this, the patients no longer associate or look at a particular in a totally negative light. The EMDR therapy installs the positive memory which gives the patient the psychological power to fight the negative memory and its debilitating manifestation. 

A Thorough Method

EMDR in Singapore is never a one-time thing. The patients have to constantly interact with the doctors or therapists about the progress they are making. As the traumatic memories causing panic attacks or anxiety must have been there for a long time, they cannot go away all at once. This is why EMDR works much better to treat these problems. You get a thorough and extended session where you can bring out everything this is bothering you. The solution, too, lies in not repressing the memories or events further by the help of sedatives but by tackling them directly. Only through this method can the problem be addressed directly down to the root level and therefore can be eliminated altogether. 

Such an elaborate method as EMDR takes a proper amount of a patient’s history. Those who opt for EMDR in Singapore should know that through this therapy their problems will be dealt with in a thorough manner rather than passing them off with some pills. If the problem of the panic attacks persists with you, do not wait further and seek an EMDR in Singapore immediately. 

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