ECER Inc. Commits to Protecting the Environment by Facilitating Responsible Electronics Recycling as Businesses Transition Back to the Office

ECER Inc. Commits to Protecting the Environment by Facilitating Responsible Electronics Recycling as Businesses Transition Back to the Office

As the world gradually returns to an appearance of routines with employees coming back to a workplace environment, East Coast Electronics Recycling Inc. (ECER Inc.), a forefront electronics recycling company in Providence, RI, is taking a preemptive step to protect our environment. With over two decades of industry expertise, ECER Inc. is committed to assisting businesses to remove their obsolete technology in an ecologically accountable approach.

It is relatively common for businesses to allow obsolete electronics to take up space on office shelves or in storage rooms for months or even years. ECER Inc. was founded with the mission of making electronics disposal simple, accessible & affordable, with service options that will not interrupt daily operations for companies of any size or structure.

Electronic refuse (e-waste) has become a critical matter, given the swift tempo of technological progress. According to the United Nations, around 55 million metric tonnes (that’s about 60.6 million US tons) of e-waste is generated yearly all over the world. This number is anticipated to escalate by 21% by 2030.

By excluding proper recycling, e-waste poses a noteworthy menace to the environment, as it contains potentially harmful substances that can percolate into the soil and water, resulting in pollution and abundant health risks.

Using a firm like ECER Inc. is advantageous for any business, as it exhibits a dedication toward being a good corporate entity, as well as concern for the confidentiality of individual Information about employees and customers. The firm prides itself on having perfected its approach to recycling over time, as well as the use of a US Department of Defense standard wipe and/or physical destruction of hard drives to ensure private information never ends up in the wrong hands.

A spokesperson with ECER Inc. commented, “We are thrilled to take a leading role in protecting our environment as businesses transition back to the office. ECER Inc. has been an innovator in electronics refuse, and we are dedicated to making the procedure convenient and safe for our customers. Our objective is to make sure that no electronic device is ultimately deposited in landfills, where it could cause ecological harm. We summon businesses to collaborate with us in this vital endeavor.”

As part of their commitment to environmental responsibility, ECER Inc. has launched a series of educational initiatives. They have an active presence on LinkedIn and YouTube, where they share informative content to raise awareness about the importance of proper electronics recycling.

ECER Inc. offers a range of services to help manage electronic waste responsibly: they accept any item with a cord or battery. Their team ensures that all electronic components are dismantled, separated, and recycled in a safe, responsible manner.

For reliable electronics disposal and data destruction, always remember that experience matters, and it’s important to choose a partner that can be counted on. ECER Inc. offers a range of services to businesses looking to dispose of obsolete devices that merely take up valuable office space. Furthermore, their commitment to ensuring private data remains that way makes them the ideal choice for any business that has unwanted electronics on its hands.

About ECER Inc.

ECER Inc. is a prominent electronics recycling company dedicated to providing environmentally responsible solutions for businesses looking to dispose of outdated electronics. With a focus on data security and environmental protection, ECER Inc.’s services ensure that electronic waste is managed responsibly and sustainably and that any sensitive data cannot be accessed by bad actors. Learn more about their services on their webpage.

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