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EaseUS Todo Backup- Is This The Best Backup Software for 2021?

In the world of digital movies, documents and images, protecting your data is of paramount importance. Unfortunately, disk and drive crashes are not new and continue to be a menace for individuals and businesses alike. While there are plenty of backup solutions in the market, there is one software that caught our attention because of its raving reviews and an interesting suite of features. Let’s find out what this software is all about.

Welcome EaseUS Todo Backup!

EaseUS Todo backup Free is a simple yet effective disk imaging free backup software. This award-winning solution provides instant recovery alongside one-click backup to users, making the protection of your data simple and free! The developer claims to have 20 million users around the globe who are getting both data security and free data management tools via Ease US Todo.

We were excited to get our hands on the software and check if it really lives up to the hype. Here is our review of the EaseUS Todo Backup software that could solve all your data management issues in 2021.

EaseUS Todo Backup version 13 works on all Windows PCs running Windows XP and up. It demands at least 1 GB of free disk space with at least 1 GB of RAM. This allows you to recover data from the oldest PCs as well.


System Backup allows users to backup the entire system to a new location.

File Backup allows users to copy files or folders of different formats with ease.

Partition/Disk Backup allows users to take advantage of block-level disk imaging technology and back up any parturition or HDD/SSD on the system.

One-click backup lets users choose the type of backup they want and instantly backup all their files on a selected location.

Quick data restore allows users to recover lost data in merely seconds. No need to reinstall.

Outlook backup (available in the upgraded version) allows users to backup their Outlook email accounts

Transfer system to a new PC (available in the upgraded version) lets users move their entire system, files, backups to a new PC.

Wipe disk partition (available in the upgraded version) lets users remove contents of a disk partition after safely backing them up for a cleaner, faster PC.

Pros of EaseUS Todo Backup

Multiple backup options

The software comes with different options for creating a backup. You can create a system backup, a file backup, a disk/partition backup or a smart backup. The software also allows users to clone their hard drive if they need to switch to a new one email error [pii_email_f4b5cea0d89e1632bac9]. They can also specify if they want to recover their files in the original location or create a new recovery location.

Great file monitoring

The app allows users to schedule a program to monitor their files. This can be done using the Smart Backup feature. The app constantly monitors a drive and every time it detects a modification in a file, it automatically creates a backup for the newer versions of the file. This means that you can save multiple versions of the same file and never have to lose your work again.

Cons of EaseUS Todo Backup

We did not find any cons in the design or functioning of the EaseUS Todo Backup app. However, the frequent pop-ups that ask a user to upgrade often get annoying. Apart from that, the app works perfectly and delivers its best to the users.

Final verdict

There are not many data backup software that offer you a plethora of features for free. These features are often always found in paid versions of its competitors. We used the app for one week and backed up our system files using multiple options. The app worked perfectly each time without creating any troubles. Its user interface is beautiful and easy to use, making it very easy to navigate the options. The software gives premium features and appearance to users for free which makes it a perfect option for those looking for good-quality backup options. We give the software 4.5/5 stars (the half star removed only because of the constant pop-ups to upgrade)!

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