Early Signs Of Balding That Have To Lead To Baldness

Baldness is one of the symptoms that both men and women tend to have a complex. You want to prevent baldness before it becomes complex. But care about your lifestyle and scalp environment will increase your chances of preventing it.

Also, even if you start baldness, it is possible to suppress the progress depending on your ingenuity. But, baldness is not always preventable if you can’t identify the early signs of balding. Before learning how to prevent baldness and how to control its progression. You must know its early symptoms.

That’s why the article will provide some symptoms of baldness. If you experience any following symptoms, your hair may gradually lose volume, and your hairline may recede.

The crown is thin, and the hairline is receding:

One of the causes of baldness, “AGA,” is characterized by the receding hairline and thinning of the crown. Therefore, by focusing on the hairline and crown, you can tell if you are starting too bald.

If you look in the mirror and see a clear sign of balding, it may already be in progress. Regularly check the hairline and crown thinness to notice baldness as soon as possible.

Hair loss is increasing:

Increased hair loss is one of the most obvious signs of baldness. Each hair has a limited lifespan, and it is normal for it to fall off naturally when it grows to a certain extent. For a healthy scalp, it is said that there is no problem if 50 to 100 hairs are lost a day.

However, those who have clearly increased the number of hair losses compared to before should be careful. If you have more hair loss on your pillow or lose a lot of hair just by passing it through your hand, your hair is likely thinning.

Hair is thinner than before:

If your hair is thinner than before, you may have advanced baldness. AGA is characterized by the fact that hair growth is hindered by the effect of the hormone “dihydrotestosterone.”

When growth is impeded, thin and weak hair grows. Also, when the supply of nutrients to the scalp is low, the lack of nutrition in the hair causes it to become thinner.

In either case, your hair will become thinner, so go to the clinic early if you feel your hair is thinner than before. Also, check the fineness of your hair in advance so that you will be aware of it when baldness progresses.

Hair setting is difficult:

Many people who are worried about thinning hair are aware that it has become difficult to set their hair. Each hair becomes thinner and softer, and the volume of the entire hair is reduced, making it impossible to achieve the flawless styling.

If your hair doesn’t stand up even with a hard spray, or if you can’t keep your styling for a long time, it’s safe to say that baldness is beginning to appear.

The scalp has become stiff:

It is said that when the scalp becomes stiff, blood circulation deteriorates and the supply of nutrients to the hair decreases, resulting in baldness.

However, because the scalp has abundant blood flow, it is unlikely that the risk of baldness will increase significantly due to the hardening of the scalp. But, it is not proven that “scalp hardness” and “baldness” are unrelated, so you should be careful just in case.

Itching or redness on the scalp:

Itching and redness of the scalp are symptoms associated with inflammation. Inflammation of the pores can cause hair to fall out.

 Even if there is strong inflammation over a wide area, more hair will fall out and become thinner. It is important not to leave the scalp itchy or reddish and to see a medical institution as soon as possible.

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