Do You Need A Weightlifting Belt?

Most of us know by now that it’s beneficial to add weightlifting to our workout routines. Some people like to use weightlifting as a major part of their workout because their goal is to bulk up and shape their body, and there’s a lot of gear that weightlifters use to help protect them from injuries. One of the most misunderstood is the weightlifting belt. 

What Is A Weightlifting Belt?

These are belts that powerlifters use to provide spinal and circular support to their core when lifting heavy weights. Of course there are a variety of belt types, so make sure to read this SBD belt review and the reviews of any other type of weightlifting belt you are thinking of buying. 

The belts are made of a durable material (usually leather) and are usually around 4 to 6 inches thick. Weightlifters wrap them around their waist to enable them to lift more weights than they usually could, and protect their backs from injury. 

Mechanism Of Action

Although we say that weightlifting belts provide anchor-like support, in truth they do not. What they actually do is provide stimulation for your core muscles so that they contract to support the back. The belt anchors your back by keeping your muscles hard and contracted, and keeping pressure on your core muscles for continuous contraction. This means that 

Who Needs A Weightlifting Belt?

If you are going to be doing heavy lifting that is outside your comfort zone then you’re probably going to benefit from using a weightlifting belt. This applies whether you are weightlifting professionally or not. However, it must be stressed that in order to use the belt safely, you should already be able to lift weight properly without the aid of a belt. The weightlifting belt is added support, not the base level of core strength you need to lift weights. So if you have trouble lifting weights without hurting yourself, then work on that first before considering a weightlifting belt.

Belt Types

There are four main types of weightlifting belts: 

Velcro Belts

These provide minimal pressure on the abdomen, and are the weakest of all weightlifting belts. They are only useful for recreational lifting because their force is limited by the force that is holding the velcro together.

Bodybuilding Belts

Considered a medium pressure belt, these are made of leather and their design is unique. The belts are narrow on the abdomen and wide at the back and are held together with a steel buckle.

Powerlifting Belts

This type of belt provides the most infrabdominal pressure, and they are of uniform thickness and width all around. They are also supported by a steel roller buckle, and their added stability allows for maximum weightlifting.

Dipping Belts

These are belts with a different purpose, because they are optimal for the check, back, and for improving fitness in general. Most people use them for chin ups or for pull ups.

Now that you have a basic idea about weightlifting belts and when to use them, you can choose wisely. Remember that proper form is important when weightlifting to avoid serious injury.

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