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Imagine having a disease and not having the life-changing medicine needed to accelerate healing. Or consider how you would transport your lunch to school or work without having a plastic container to do so.

Also, think about how the world goes round, with mass transportation to get from A to B. These things took considerable study and analysis to get from the development stage to the end product. One of the most critical stages was the research stage, often performed by a lab or technician and a chemist.

Chemist and lab jobs are vital and play an essential role in developing many things used in the world today. Read on if you want to learn more about how to break into this vitally important industry.

Chemist and Lab Technician Job Description

A job as a lab tech or chemist can be great if you have a curious and analytical mind. Chemistry and lab technicians research various elements to contribute to create useful products, such as plastics, medicinal drugs, synthetic fibers, cosmetics, and more.

If you decide to choose a career as a laboratory technician, you’ll spend a great deal of your time in a lab surrounded by chemicals and other substances. You’ll collect samples, study and analyze them, and assist in conducting tests.

Chemists delve deeper into the matter by investigating the properties of a chemical or other matter. They study the substances involved at the molecular level and collect various samples to study and test them before the actual products are made and manufactured.

A chemist will measure the proportions and study how they react so they can better apply them, whether it be to create a medical device, plastic products, automotive component, or something else.

Chemist and Lab Tech Salaries

The Bureau of Labor Statistics lists the average salary for chemists at 38.79 an hour, or $80,680 per year.  In 2020, there were 92,400 chemist jobs in the U.S., and the field is set to grow 6% through 2030.

The Bureau illustrates the salary for lab and chemical technicians at $23.95 an hour, or $49,820 per year. In 2020, there were 65,100 chemical technician positions in the U.S., and the industry is expected to grow by 5% through 2030.

For Instance

  • Specialty material, paint, coating, and optical product supplier PPG lists dozens of chemist jobs on their website. Many of the positions are located in Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Wisconsin.
  • Teknor Apex offers a variety of chemist and lab tech jobs across the country, serving a variety of industries from building materials to medical supplies, and more.
  • Google’s job search shows over 100 lab technician jobs available in the New York City area alone, with many more all over the U.S.

Training and Requirements Needed to Become a Lab Tech or a Chemist

Most companies require that the chemists and lab techs they hire have a bachelor’s degree or other degree majoring in chemistry. If your goal is to advance further in your job, it may be helpful to have a master’s degree or even a Ph.D. or doctoral degree.

Specific soft skills are also crucial to succeed on the job, such as understanding technology, excellent analytical skills, and keen observation skills.

Most chemists have experience as lab techs, and both job positions typically begin as research assistants before moving on to larger roles. Chemists can also potentially expand their roles after gaining experience and become scientists.

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