There is no specific reason for backaches. Once upon a time, backaches were a part of old age. As you grow old, it was natural to develop a backache. However the scenario has changed now. Everyone from young to old develop a backache. The reasons may vary from sedentary lifestyle and lack of exercise to work profile and hectic life. Under such circumstances, you develop an excruciating pain in the back while doing simple work leaving you paralysed for some time. Once you get backache you may not be able to move around as freely as before. You start restricting you daily activities and altering your lifestyle so as to avoid the pain in the back. Sometimes, the backache grows from bad to worse- so worse that you may not be able to move from your bed.

If you go to doctors normally they advise you to take complete bed rest for a specific period. They also enlist some dos and don’ts. However, in such cases, chances of the backache relapsing are high. Therefore, it becomes necessary to undergo a spinal surgery often to correct the problem. This means a long period of bed rest, medical leave, expenses etc. However, due to advancements in medical science it is now possible to undergo a DIPLOMA AND FELLOWSHIP IN MINIMAL ACCESS SURGERY. Such surgeries have much lesser complications and are ‘minimally invasive’. They help you bounce back on your feet in no time.

Unlike traditional surgeries, minimal access spine surgeries are lesser painful and complicated. The term minimal access refers to minimum dissection during surgery. In other words, with the help of this surgery the patient can get quick relief from backache with minimum cuts and incisions. This is the biggest advantage it has over traditional surgical methods.

There are many ways in which the minimal access spine surgery is performed. However, the most popular one is the laser method which is equivalent to non-surgical process. Hence, it is not at all painful. It has the capacity to stabilise fractures, correct spinal deformities and also decompress spinal canal. Herniated discs are disposed off normally through complicated surgical process which involves an open surgery. However, with the help of this surgical process, it is possible to dispose herniated discs and recover quickly from it. You are not prescribed to the long period of bed rest. Through minimal access spine surgery patients suffering from herniated discs will not experience the painful feeling which is caused by fluid leaking from the disc and pressing on the roots of the nerves which makes them feel weak and numb.

Sometimes, more often due to accidents, there is a slight dislocation of the spine which needs to be stabilised with instrumentation. This is often a complicated procedure. Owing to developments in minimal access spinal technologies this is no longer a complicated process. It is very simple and nearly painless. Spinal deformities are also corrected very easily with these minimal invasive techniques. In case of spinal canal decompression and for fracture stabilization, minimal surgery can be used.

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