Differentiation Between PgCTL and B.Ed Programs

Teaching is considered one of the noblest professions worldwide. If you are looking forward to becoming a teacher or developing your teaching career, then you should consider pursuing a B.Ed course and a PgCTL course, respectively. You might be wondering what’s the difference between these two. This guide will explain everything about both teaching courses.

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PgCTL Course

PgCTL stands for Professional Certificate in Teaching and Learning. It is a UK 6-level school-based teaching qualification course. This course can not only be pursued by the fresher but is specifically designed to help the teachers with expertise in a particular subject or language accelerate growth in their career. Pursuing the PgCTL course helps teachers get acquainted with the knowledge, skills, and competence required to create a high-impact teaching and learning experience in their classrooms.

The course’s main aim is to deliver educators and teachers with 21st Century Teaching skills, approaches, and methodologies so that they can effectively teach the Millennials. This is the perfect course for teachers looking to move away from traditional theoretical-based teaching to modern competency-based teaching.

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Who can Pursue the PgCTL Qualification?

The PgCTL course is designed for educators who want to see growth in their professional careers. Following mentioned are three categories, and the teachers falling in any one of three categories are eligible to pursue the PgCTL course:

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1. Aspiring Teachers:

The PgCTL course is perfect for aspiring teachers. Any individual holding a bachelor’s level degree in any specific subject can pursue this course.

2. Uncertified In-Service Teachers:

In case you are already working as an educator in the country and looking for a way to get certified so that the regulatory requirements of having an approved teacher qualification can be met, then this PgCTL course is for you. This course allows educators to meet the regulatory requirements of having the right teaching qualifications.

3. Certified Teachers:

In case you are already a certified teacher but looking for the opportunity to broaden the horizon of your teaching career by upskilling to 21st-century teaching skills, then the PgCTL course is the perfect resource for the same. 

Eligibility Criteria and Duration of PgCTL Course

When it comes to the eligibility criteria for the PgCTL course, a candidate must hold a Bachelor’s degree in any particular subject and should also have a good command of English to pursue the PgCTL qualification. 

The duration of this particular course depends on the institute delivering it. But usually, this course is 10-12 months long.

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Why Pursue the PgCTL Course?

The following are the benefits of pursuing the PgCTL course:

1. Securing an International Teaching Job:

This is the first and foremost benefit that one can avail of by pursuing the PgCTL course. Getting certified in this particular course will help you meet the regulatory teaching requirements in different countries, including Dubai, the UK, Australia, Canada, etc. 

2. Critical Thinking:

Teachers are usually tasked to solve different problems taking place inside and outside of their classroom, including solving disputes among students, revising the updated curriculum of a specific country, etc. The PgCTL course trains the teachers to develop their critical thinking and solve all problems meeting the requirements of the school, students, colleagues, and parents.

3. Classroom Management Skills:

The PgCTL course teaches educators to effectively manage their classroom along with the study material. During this course, teachers learn to organize themselves both physically and mentally so that they can further manage their students and all professional dimensions.

4. Updating with Teaching Material According to the Countries:

Teaching material used in different countries is distinct. It is imperative to be aware of the teaching curriculum of the particular country in which the educator is going to teach. It is the PgCTL course that comes for help. The main aim of this course is to make the teacher aware of the study material of the particular country.

B.ED Course

 B.ED stands for Bachelor of Education. Pursuing the bed course is compulsory for the one who is looking forward to entering into the teaching profession at the school level in the country. The subjects taught in this particular course are Childhood and Growing Up, Learning Resource Project, Current Affairs, Creating an Inclusive School, etc.

The main aim of the B.ED course is not only to deliver knowledge about different teaching methodologies and approaches but also to equip the to-be educators with required soft skills, including communication skills, and counseling so that they can better understand the psyche of their students.

Who can Pursue a B.Ed Course?

  • This course can be pursued by candidates striving to build a career in the educational sector of the country.
  • Candidates striving to become a teacher at school should take up a B.Ed course.
  • Candidates aspiring to become special educators need to choose a sub-stream when pursuing a B.Ed course.
  • Individuals wanting to work with different NGOs as teachers can also pursue a B.Ed course.

Eligibility Criteria and Duration of the B.Ed Course:

Regarding the eligibility criteria for the B.Ed course, let us inform you that an individual must hold a graduation degree. Graduates from any stream can pursue this course. 

The duration of the B.Ed course varies from 2 years to 4 years. Mostly, this course is for 2 years.

Why Pursue a B.Ed Course?

Following mentioned are the reasons why a candidate should consider pursuing a B.Ed course:

1. A Necessity for Government Jobs:

It is made mandatory for the candidates aspiring to work as teachers in the government school by the NCTE to pursue a B.Ed course. Even nowadays, private schools prefer hiring teachers with B.Ed degrees.

2. Job Security:

The B.Ed course allows a candidate to become an efficient teacher providing job security. According to the Naukri Job Speak Index, the educational sector reported the second-highest hiring index in the lockdown.

3. Good Pay and other Perks:

Now that B.Ed helps the candidates in getting government jobs, they can earn a salary of at least Rs. 7,60,000 per year, along with other perks.

So, above mentioned was the difference between both PgCTL and B.Ed teaching courses.

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