Different Ways to Consume Medical Cannabis

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If you haven’t paid close attention to developments in the cannabis sector, you may think of only the old-fashioned ways to consume it — joints, bongs, and pipes. Perhaps you add edibles like cookies or brownies into the mix. 

Much has changed rapidly, and now medical cannabis patients have a plethora of options for different lifestyles, diets, and health needs. Let’s check out how it works.

Many Edibles 

Edible forms of medical cannabis let patients enjoy a heavy, concentrated dose in a smoke-free way. Some patients find rolling joints a time-consuming nuisance and enjoy something quicker and more discreet.

Patients with a strong tolerance for cannabis may require the potent punch edibles provide. Edibles also tend to have a more prolonged onset, usually taking 60-90 minutes before the effect kicks in. Those patients with dietary restrictions on sugar can find suitable edibles, too.

Look for a licensed distributor with all the latest medical cannabis products, and they should have an edible that meets all your needs. Always talk to your healthcare specialist or cannabis-trained pharmacist before, as they’ll create your treatment plan by choosing the most suitable products, strains, and dosage levels.

Cannabis Oil

Oils come in various strengths and types, from Indicas, Sativas, CBD, and blends. All patients need to do is apply some oil to their tongue using the dropper provided to control their dosage easily.

Oils are easy for any patient to consume, and they provide a smoke-free, sugar-free option with a quicker onset than edibles usually provide. Patients can also consume cannabis oil through a vaporizer, and it’s usually cut with other carrier oils such as hemp.

Whether you prefer a dropper, a single-use pen, or a reusable vaporizer with an oil cartridge attached, patients have considerable choice in flavours and methods. 


It’s a mistake to think that joints, pipes, or bongs are the only way to consume dry leaf. Vaporizers allow patients to consume leaf in a smoke-free way. Instead of burning leaves to make smoke, vaporizers use batteries and small metal coils to heat a substance until it evaporates, which can then be inhaled.

Patients can vape dry leaf, oil, or wax cannabis products. For this reason, patients can consume different concentrations via the same method. Vaporizers are efficient machines that let patients enjoy the same effect while using less leaf, which offsets the upfront costs of the vape itself.

Effects are instant, and this method produces no second-hand smoke. Finally, for this reason, vaporizers can often be used in places where cannabis smoke is not usually tolerated.

Patients need to approach medical cannabis like they would any other medical issue. By speaking to your healthcare practitioner or cannabis-trained pharmacist, you’ll get their authorization and expert advice on which method is best for you. It’s a holistic medical approach and must not be considered from a recreational angle. Thankfully, innovations in the medical cannabis sector allow patients to get the treatment that really works for them.

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