Diesel Truck Parts And How To Care For Them

Trucks are the best friends on the road if you are trying to transport a considerable package. These trucks are suitable for more extended distance coverage with heavier luggage. As they provide very high duty, the engines need regular check-ups and up-gradation to function entirely. Otherwise, the engine and other parts get rots and decay very quickly. As the diesel parts are essential and efficient, they are costly at the same time. If you want to take care of your trucks, it must visit the garage and mechanical experts once in a while. But, the engine may break down in the middle of nowhere. In regular up-gradation, check-up, or cleaning, something may get in the machine waiting or such. Visiting the mechanics for such small problems will waste not only your precious time but also money. Technical aid isn’t cheap.

So, you need to know the primary diesel engine care tips to run your truck alone. In that case, you will need a vivid knowledge of the engine parts to guess where the lies or the details need special attention. Here in this article, we will be discussing the main features of a diesel engine and the uses.

Diesel Truck Parts

When we talk about a truck or vehicle, the first thing that comes to mind is the engine. It is the life of a vehicle that keeps it running and responsible for the functions. There are different types of machines that give additional milage and role. The most popular and efficient diesel engine out there comes with a 7.3 power stroke turbocharger. It has a Garrett Turbocharger of fixed geometry since the beginning. The revised geometry provided a very low RPM of 60. So, the engines are not very fast, but they are very reliable. These engines are specific to take heavy loads for longer times. Ford developed more than 1.3 million units before they stopped production in 2003 due to its improper fuel dust emission in the environment.


The automobile industry switched to a better and eco-friendly option of 6.0 power stroke turbo. With four valves in each cylinder, 16 exhaust valves, and sixteen intake valves, these turbochargers have a single, variable vane geometry to support a louder engine. These engines are very affordable, and function refined. These turbochargers are n the budget. The earlier designs had no fuel emission control, but theater designs improved a lot in that sector. Earlier engines depend on the hydraulic electronic unit ejectors. But, after 2009, they lost the market due to several engine failure issues and such. The upgraded versions have a diesel particulate filter to remove the extra particles from the fuel filter and keep it clean and functional for a longer time than before. These are the 6.4 power stroke turbo chargers that are reigning in the automobile market. It is the first engine that supports dual motors and runs smoothly. They are very popular among the fancy and posh cars not to produce excess sound while running.

This turbocharger is the best shot of Ford since they started making engine supports. It is very fuel-efficient and has a four-valve fuel injection unit. The high-pressure standard valve injection system with a VGT turbo made the chargers unbeatable. The engines have a multi-shot Piezoelectric fuel injection system that makes the 6.4 turbochargers the most fun engine to run.


Engines are the power system of the trucks or any vehicle. You have to choose the best turbocharger type according to your need and use. Take care of the engine of your truck to make the best out of it.

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