The Project manager is a profession in which they are responsible for planning and execution of a project in any industry. Project managers work on projects which have a definite outcome, time limit and budget. As the pace of the economy and technology is evolving, organizations are putting their energy more into projects rather than routine operations.

A project manager has to manage the day to day projects and need to have a whole range of skills to be successful. You can check PMP Certification Training which is the gold for project management professionals and it covers all the skills which are required for the same.

Morning Mantra

A better way to seize the day the most is to be the first to come to the office and use all the peaceful time to check mails, drink coffee, and listen to music. Make a checklist so that they are aware of all of the tasks that need to be done. All of this will make sure that there are no unexpected problems and we can move forward with facing any issue. It takes up to 10% of the day.

Scrum Meetings

Scrum meetings happen every day at the same location at the same time. Usually, held in the morning to help set the context for the whole day.

As a project manager, it is their job to keep the team working and check if the project is moving in the right direction. So, the project manager has to host or attend meetings every day to get things decided and closed. Sometimes, motivation can also be a problem and a project manager has to make sure that everyone is on their toes and keeping up the work. It takes up 20% of the day.

Project management

To make sure that they are looking at the big picture by checking that

  • Is the project progressing?
  • If the project is on track to finish and on spec?
  • Are there any concerns that need addressing?

This helps in looking at the big picture and progress of the project to move on to other things. As we can’t let the team spend too much time on one project as there are other projects which need attention. It takes up to 40% of the day

People-facing role

Every single day the project manager has to deal with people and this requires multiple soft skills to manage.

Hiring people:

To appoint a new person and arrange an interview for a certain position. This needs their psychological side to figure out:

  • Why do they want this job?
  • How will they be a good addition to the existing team?
  • Why are they making this transition?

Run conference calls:

Many times, some or a few co-workers are kilometres away. So conference calls are a necessity. These meetings usually happen after scrum meetings with local co-workers. This is the same as the team meetings, where they discuss the project.

Other soft skills:

  • Working alongside the team
  • Chasing down people and making sure they adhere to deadlines
  • Communicating key milestones
  • Diplomatic with colleagues and clients
  • Planning according to the team’s skills to ensure success
  • Presentations to a few or more of stakeholders
  • Knowing team’s strengths and weakness

Clients and stakeholder

The project manager has to keep their clients in the loop. Clients should get updated every couple of days. Sometimes, they have to let them know that their project is still the same if they couldn’t make any progress since the last time they talked. But always try to give new information every time and it makes a huge difference.

You must tell the stakeholders the truth if nothing new has happened. the longer you go without reaching out, it will get hard for the clients or stakeholders to trust you with the work. It takes 10% of the day.

Work-life balance

It is a full-time job to balance work-life. But if they could, it can make a lot of difference. There’s nothing sustainable about working 65-plus hour weeks year in, year out. Nothing is fulfilling about going home and not being able to spend time with family. Once you fall into the trap of overworking, it’s hard to get out of it.

  • Prioritize
  • Take breaks
  • Go outside
  • Set boundaries
  • Be flexible
  • Time management
  • Connect people outside the work


Project management is growing fast and changing as a profession.  It is important to have a whole range of skills and a balance of various skills. You can check Project Management Professional Course to become a successful project manager and learn everything related to it. All the best!

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