Content Marketing, its types along with video marketing

Creating and then distributing digital marketing collateral with the intentions to increase brand awareness while improving search engine rankings and developing audience interests is what we call content marketing.

Small to large scale businesses do content marketing to get leads and increase sales by considering site analytics, keyword search and targeted strategies recommendations.

Content marketing is the most powerful digital marketing strategy nowadays for any type of business and industry. However, it is always confusing which type of content marketing will best suit your business and greatly fulfil the need of your business to help grow it more and more.

There are so many types of content marketing that you can choose to help grow your business. Here are ten different types as following:

  1. Blogs – If you want to improve SEO and get more organic traffic to your site from the search engines, the blog is the best way.
  2. Videos – regardless of the type of your industry or scale of your business, video marketing is amongst the best type of content marketing to reach and engage your targeted audience.
  3. Info-graphics – content marketers use infographics to educate their targeted audience that in return improve the leads and attract the customers.
  4. Case Studies – these are actually customer stories that best depict your business while illustrating how your business has helped a specific consumer.
  5. eBooks– being a long-form of content, it is very helpful for business providing value for leads and encouraging the customers.
  6. White papers – white papers are just like eBooks being another long-form of content marketing which works as a lead magnet.
  7. Checklists – there are best working for small-scale businesses as they are easily creatable and promote any business more efficiently providing a considerable value for your targeted audience.
  8. Interviews – it is another type of content marketing in which interviews with field or industry experts are conducted to make a wider impact. Customers with better reviews can also be interviewed.
  9. Social Media Posts – Regular posting across social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn also helps your business. It provides reach to a new audience and establishing relations with the customers.
  10. GIFs and Memes – GIFs are animated image files that can be easily shared across a variety of platforms including social media and email.

When talking about video marketing, it is being done all over the web sources. Don’t go far, just think of your favourite brands, recall your Facebook or YouTube homepage, you will get it: many successful instances of video marketing.

The question is how video marketing works. It is easy! Brands create videos that are made to promote their companies, or products, drive sales while increasing awareness of the product or services which they are providing. In this way, they engage the target audience, which as a result will increase the sales. Practically, it is a bit complicated though.

Just like many other types, video marketing is data-driven. Thus, for video marketing, you will be required to monitor many matrices to check the engagement of your audience.

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