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Common errors that web design beginners must avoid 

Web design is an exciting activity, but it can be tricky for beginners and experts. You must have come across web pages that seem homey, simple, and attractive. Such sites perform better than those with complex figures. The secret is that the exotic websites have mistakes, or the people that design them went overboard with some features.

How do web design errors happen?

The mindset of the people behind web design is what brings errors. The developers often get carried away, assuming they will use the website. They believe that if the site appeals to them, the customers will love it too.

Another issue is that the people who do web design sacrifice usability and effectiveness in the name of creativity. They center on producing beautiful platforms by paying more attention to appearance than functionality. It would be better to create an easy-to-use service instead of a dashing one.

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Web design errors and ways to prevent them

  1. Ignoring the business objective

Most starters get overtaken by the desire to deliver a fantastic page while ignoring what the business aims to achieve. A good-looking site is useless if it cannot drive traffic. 

So, the person in charge of the web design should produce a page that attracts people, improves sales, and gives customers the best user experience.

  1. Focusing on appearance instead of quality

Most starters focus on producing attractive websites but not quality content. To avoid that, they should focus more on the content. Furthermore, they should ensure to present it in a way that can attract visitors.

  1. Including recurrent pop-ups and modals

Most web design experts and newbies overwhelm people with pop-ups and models whenever they visit a site. 

The pop-ups are annoying because it stops the seamless online activity. For example, if you get a pop-up saying to hire an essay writer when you are on a writing website can make you want to check out the service. However, if it keeps appearing as you keep checking the service, you might doubt the company. Frequent pop-ups are simply desperation. Companies comfortable in what they offer will never act desperate.

  1. Readability problems

Most web design novices create nice-looking sites but are not legible. Therefore, it is vital to focus on colors, fonts, background, and everything else that contributes to ease of reading.

  1. Too many images and animations

Though animations and other figures capture visitors’ attention, overusing them becomes annoying. The person in charge of the web design exercise should do it optimally. It is also essential to use relevant images only.

  1. Failing to optimize the website for mobile devices

Most people have smartphones and other mobile devices these days. The mistake the newbies in web design make is ignoring optimizing their sites for mobile use.

Mobile optimization is behind most online traffic. Therefore, it should never get left out.


Bear in mind that simplicity is essential in web design. A simple design makes the web page more user-friendly.

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