Checklist for Cleaning Your Kitchen Professionally

Cleanliness is a thing we need to take care of at every place, especially in the kitchen. The reason is simple! Because it ensures hygienic food preparation and ensures good health, especially in the time of this pandemic. 

While professionals provide kitchen cleaning services that make our lives a lot easier, there is a definite checklist on what we need to do if we are cleaning all by ourselves. It’ll be cost-efficient if we follow certain simple things daily. Here are a few suggestions that are efficient and worth taking note of.

This checklist is arranged according to things we need to follow daily and things that can be done weekly.

Checklist to Clean Your House Effectively

a. Remove the visible mess: Assort the things according to where they belong, thereby removing the unwanted pieces from the kitchen. Those like empty containers, boxes, and clothes are used to clean the stovetops and the counter by putting them into trash cans or laundry baskets.

b. It’s time to refill: Having taken care of the unnecessary products, it’s time to clean the empty containers, preferably with soap water, and then fill them. Also, before putting them back in the cabinets, the cabinets should be adequately dusted, and the greasy surfaces should be washed with a good cleaner or degreaser.

c. Daily touch-ups: Certain things that should be done regularly includes cleaning the stove, scrubbing the countertops, and also decluttering them because that’s where it’s mostly messy. Several liquid washes serve the purpose of cleaning them.

d. Appliance check:    Cleaning the appliances weekly or twice a week is also a restorative measure to maintain cleanliness, avoiding any dust build-up.

e. Tiles and Floor:  Washing the kitchen tiles daily is optional as it varies on how much stain or grease builds up. A microfiber cloth along with an effective grease and stain remover wash can be extremely effective.

Pro tip:   Whenever it comes to cleaning the counter with a cloth or mopping the floor, a microfiber cloth can be of great help, and it’s more sustainable, and its small fibres can effectively grab dirt and dust particles.

A Professional Alternative :

Apart from these, kitchen cleaning services are available that help to deep clean the kitchens and take care of the appliances in an intricate manner. Appliances like chimneys, ovens need professional cleaning for better performance. Although they might be a bit on the expensive side, their services are worth spending money on.

To Wrap it Up!

The last essential thing is to make sure to dry the surface as wet surfaces provoke bacterial growth, thereby defeating the whole purpose of cleaning.

Be it hiring kitchen cleaning services, doing it solely, or doing both with a balance between them,  the purpose should be completed rightfully and done as required.

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