Car Accidents: The Most Common Reasons

Car accidents continue to occur despite recent advancements in automotive technology such as backup cameras, adaptive headlights, and forward collision systems (FCS). According to the National Safety Council, 42,060 people were killed on America’s roads in 2020, with 4.8 million people injured in car accidents. This comes despite people driving 13% fewer miles.

Accidents can dramatically alter a person’s life, whether minor or major. They can cause income loss, pain and discomfort, and even permanent disabilities. The fact that traffic accidents are frequent does not negate the importance of being acquainted with the truth.

The causes of traffic accidents are divided into two classes. Human error and everything else.

Car Accidents Caused by Driver Error

The majority of traffic accidents are caused by the driver’s actions behind the wheel, rather than by their lack of knowledge of how to drive a car. Human error is responsible for roughly 94 percent of all road injuries.

A number of drivers would be found guilty of some of the most common causes of traffic accidents at some stage in their lives. Increasing understanding of these issues, on the other hand, will help to educate and influence drivers to be more vigilant on the road.

The next time you drive and start taking preventative steps, keep these incidents in mind.


Distracted driving is one of the leading causes of automobile accidents. The brain, contrary to common belief, is incapable of concentrating on more than one task at a time. This means that when a driver is texting, talking on the phone, shaving, reading, or even eating while driving, the brain is moving between tasks and is unable to concentrate on the road ahead.


Drunk driving is responsible for 29 deaths per day on average. However, as a result of recent outreach campaigns, the number of deaths due to drunk driving has decreased.


One of the leading causes of speeding-related incidents is being late for work, keeping up with traffic, or accidentally going over the speed limit inadvertently.


About 40% of traffic accidents happen at intersections, and the most common cause is hitting a red light or failing to stop at a stop sign. It’s not worth risking hurting or even killing yourself or others to skip the one to two minute (or less) wait.


Reckless driving includes things like changing lanes too fast, blatantly disregarding the safety and/or property of others, and purposefully failing to follow safety precautions.


Sleepiness, drowsiness, or fatigue can impair a driver’s ability to respond, react, or discern road conditions competently. Believe it or not, sleepy drivers are more common than you think. If you’re tired, get some rest. It’s not worth risking serious injury to yourself or others.

Car Accidents Caused by Factors Other Than Human Error

Car accidents can happen to even the best, most defensive drivers, but not because of their own fault. Other variables can play a significant role.


Rain, snow, or ice on the ground reduces tire grip, allowing cars to slip off the road or collide with other structures or vehicles. Weather-related injuries can also be influenced by fog, water temperatures, and wind direction. Sometimes, you cannot avoid this. All you can do is drive more safely by reducing speed and refraining from traveling far distances if at all possible.


Poorly paved roads boost the likelihood of a popped tire and impair a driver’s ability to stop safely.


Cars are made up of thousands of pieces that work together to keep them working safely and efficiently. However, with so many pieces, it’s not unusual for them to go haywire and fail.

Contacting A Car Accident Lawyer

As laid out in the statistics above, thousands of people are killed or injured in car accidents every year. This is despite both awareness and education. In many of these cases, you may need to contact a car accident lawyer or a personal injury lawyer for legal advice. An expert can help you decide what your options are after a car accident, especially if you are injured.

Timing is everything in this regard. It’s best to contact legal counsel immediately after a car accident, rather than wait.

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