9 Types of Business Security Systems to Implement Today

9 Types of Business Security Systems to Implement Today

Small groups frequently operate on tight budgets, and times of theft and burglary can position a full-size dent in the budgets. Over half of small corporations have experienced theft in their shops within the past year. Keeping thieves and burglars at bay is crucial to guard your merchandise and business assets.

The best way to keep malicious actors off-balance is with business security systems. Alarms and video surveillance can do wonders for your business security, preventing entry from unauthorized personnel. Exploring the best types of alarms is the most straightforward path toward protecting your brand.

Fortunately, you’ve discovered this insightful guide to learning about your business’s options for commercial security systems. Continue reading to protect your inventory and employees today!

1. CCTV Video Surveillance

Closed circuit television provides multiple benefits for small business security when used at your office. You can place cameras in critical areas in and around your business to monitor events and record what happens. It’s an excellent way to capture footage you can review if you suspect a customer or burglar has stolen from your store.

The cameras are beneficial because they act as an obvious deterrent. Individuals considering robbing or stealing from your store will think twice. Consider placing signs around your store, making it clear you’re recording with your CCTV cameras.

2. Access Control Systems

Access control systems are another option you should consider for your small business. It’s most effective when used in parts of your store or office where trespassing is forbidden. Each person attempting to enter will need credentials to access the space.

It’s an effective way to limit trespassing and protect your assets and data. You’ll provide 24/7 security to your personnel, with no one allowed to access the space outside your employees.

3. Intruder Alarms

The best types of alarms will alert you and your employees to intruders on your business property or in the store. It’s an early warning sign you can use to call law enforcement for assistance and protection.

It’s best to set your business’s alarm for office hours and when no one is present. The alarm is an excellent deterrent; a loud option will scare most intruders away.

An overlooked perk of installing intruder alarms in your store or office is the cost savings. Most insurance providers will charge a lower premium if you install alarms to ward off malicious actors. Consider working with C2 solutions for your protection and alarm needs.

4. Security Guards

Security guards provide an intimidating presence for those who wish to harm your business or store. They’re a physical presence that malicious actors will notice when deciding if your store is a worthy target. Hiring security guards requires a sizable budget, but you’ll enjoy impressive benefits when they’re guarding your front door.

You’ll also enjoy swift responses from highly-trained security personnel if a robbery attempt occurs. It’s one of the top business security systems to invest in if you feel your small business has a target on its back.

5. Automated Barriers

Protecting your enterprise begins with your car parking zone, and automatic boundaries and gates are the pleasant sources to guard these spaces from unauthorized personnel. The automated barrier will prevent entry to your automobile parking space for non-business hours, lowering the chances of a robbery try.

During working hours, the barriers will prevent access for anyone without the necessary credentials. You’ll enjoy peace of mind that potential thieves and burglars cannot enter the premises. The physical barriers are an excellent way to deter criminals and cause them to look elsewhere.

6. Powerful Lighting

Stores and businesses without strong lighting outside the store are more susceptible to criminal activity. If you’re committed to upgrading your commercial security systems, lighting is an inexpensive place to start.

Focus on the parking areas, entrances, and alleys to convince potential criminals and attackers to avoid your company and employees. You’ll improve visibility around your company’s property.

Most criminals want an easy target when planning a robbery. Your lighting system will create a challenging environment for criminals. They won’t want to risk being seen when committing the crime.

7. Security Monitoring System

Working with a third-party security company is an excellent way to ensure your business is safe. The security company will use your CCTV cameras to monitor the property at all hours. They’ll receive instant notifications if the business security systems pick up suspicious activity.

The instant alerts are perfect to help the security company contact law enforcement. It’s an additional cost for your brand but one that pays significant dividends. It’s the best way to secure your store’s inventory and provide a safe online shopping experience to customers.

8. Safe Storage

Your enterprise data and economic records are many of the most treasured matters in your keep. It’s crucial to discover a secure spot to save these records in the event of a robbery or housebreaking. A safe is a first-rate investment to save you unauthorized right of entry to these files.

You can also consider using a locking filing cabinet if a heavy-duty safe is out of your price range. Use safe storage options as another layer of security for your commercial security systems.

9. Wireless Alarm Systems

Wireless alarm systems are the Cadillac of the best types of alarms. It’s an excellent upgrade for your security systems because no telltale wires run to and from the alarm system.

You can catch the thieves off-guard by using a subtle alarm system that triggers when suspicious activity ensues. The criminals won’t be able to cut the wires to prevent the alarm from sounding. It’s an outstanding investment to pair with video surveillance.

Install These Business Security Systems for Your Store

Investing in great business security structures is vital to shielding your personnel, assets, and merchandise from criminals. Consider putting in CCTV cameras and effective lighting to deter ability robbers and burglars. Install a Wi-Fi alarm machine and make use of access manipulation structures to limit trespassing.

Protecting your company and assets is vital to avoid losing everything you’ve worked hard to build. Explore our Tech articles for tips and innovations to bolster your company’s value and safety today!

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