Brand Protection in Dubai

The Cheapest free zone in UAE is attracting the businesses at a large scale. This resulted in the launch of new businesses. Here we are going to discuss brand protection and trademark registration in Dubai

What is a Brand Protection?

The protection of brand name refers to the protection against counterfeiting, copyright pirates and infringes of other forms of IP, such as patents, design rights, color marking or trade clothing, of enterprises and their affiliated brands.

This is to defend not just a company’s income loss but also the image, reputation and total worth of the organization. Brand protection basically prohibits misuse of brands.


A fake product limits a real brand, but is legitimately manufactured from other sources. In order to confuse the buyers, the false goods would use legitimate brand logos and trademarks without license.

The worldwide falsification business is estimated to be $4.2 trillion in certain respects by 2022. To put it in practical terms, its economies would be around the fourth-largest in the world if counterfeiting were an independent nation.

Counterfeiting is only one kind of infringement of intellectual property, as it directly targets a genuine brand’s trademarks. The major purpose of trademark protection organizations is therefore to combat counterfeiting.

Brand Protection Dubai

In order to introduce rigorous mark legislation, the UAE Government has made laudable initiatives. The Brand Protection Dubai is a complete process. The present approach to marks protection and the procedures by which such protection is carried out in the UAE are fairly similar to the ones employed in Western countries.

Many managers already knowledgeable with intellectual property concerns will also be familiar with it. Markings in the UAE have a high standard of protection under Federal Marking Act No. 37 of 1992 (amended by Federal Law No. 8 of 2002) (“Marking Law”). There are a number of clauses in the trademark law defining the procedural stages necessary for trademark registration and consequences for violation.

Trademark Registration

To put it simply, a trademark might be the term, phrase, signature, drawing, symbol, hallmark, tag, vignette, logo or pictorial and / or packaging component that is distinctive to a firm. It might be a signature, a phrase, a signature, a symbol or an otherwise.

If your brand becomes a worthwhile asset, it might become a competitor’s objective in the region. Without your consent, new firms may attempt to exploit your trademark either unjustly leverage the stock you have earned over the past years or even further undermine your trademark stock.

So, how can you ensure the trademark is secured for your company? We are regularly asked this question in particular.

To get their rights and safeguard their rights, it goes without saying that foreign enterprises should register their trademarks.

Trademarks are registered in the UAE by application with the Ministry of Economics and Commerce’s trademark Division. By investing in such protection, an enterprise has the rights exclusivity which implies that it is able to defend others against exploiting the same right.

In order to enable customs authorities to file and archive data relating to your markings in addition to the original registration of the trademark with the Ministry of Economy and Commerce, you may also register your mark with UAE Customs to trading in counterfeit markings.

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